I'm having trouble playing MIDI or MP3 files from your site and from others. Can you help me?
I just upgraded my system/browser/etc. Why do your MIDI files no longer work or MP3 files not play properly?

For starters, in 2015 I switched from MIDI files to MP3 sound files. MIDI files are only data on how the sound card should play the piece, so were compact. However, with high bandwidths common now, the MP3 sound files, which are audio recordings, are a much better alternative now that they are more viable.

Have you recently upgraded your Internet Browser?
Most browsers that have been available since 2012 are using the new HTML5 standard. This all but abandoned native support for MIDI file playback, one of the reasons I made the switch. Also, smartphones don't tend to play them very well either. In order to play back a MIDI file, you can go to my MP3/MIDI Index page and look for the MIDI Plug image next to the file name, then click on it to download the file to your local computer. From there, it may be playable with a media player for Windows, Mac, Android or Lenix, but not within a browser plug-in. MP3 files should play properly within all major internet browsers upgraded since 2013.

MP3-Only: Is there a working player that appears to be playing the file but still no sound?
This may be an internal issue either with the operating system or the sound card. Locate the operating system volume control, which is usually available from a Control Panel in most systems, and represented by a speaker icon. There should be a Master level as well as individual levels for Input, CD, Wave, MIDI, etc. If you can hear System sounds but not MP3s or MIDI files, then check to see if the Wav or MIDI controls are all the way down. If so then the corresponding control needs to be raised. If you hear no System sounds then check to see if the Master controls are all the way down. If this still does not work and the volume control on your speakers is turned up sufficiently then the problem may be with your sound card or the speaker connections, or even a power supply for your speakers. These are hardware issues that need to be resolved separately from the concerns listed here.

MIDI-Only: You are using a media player on your computer but the music seems noisier or choppy
Most media players for music interpret MIDI data into a streaming Wave file. MIDI sounds are derived from a table of sounds stored in your sound card, or are synthesized electronically. On older or less-expensive cards the results can be uneven or cheap sounding at best. The vendors have their own set of sounds contained in the software. As the MIDI data is processed through the plug-in each note is interpreted into a Wave sound by the player creating streamed audio. This provides relatively consistent sound no matter where the player is installed. However, some computers or sound cards don't have the processing speed or range to play the wave without interruptions or inherent noise levels. Your best bet in this case is to disable the sound font connected to MIDI playback, then play them back using the media player and the sounds contained within the card. Instructions should be contained with your operating system's help files or that of the media player.