I really like your ragtime arrangements. Did you create them? Are they printed out or available for sale?

The answer to whether or not these are my arrangements is pretty much yes. I say "pretty much" since there are little snippets here and there which have been culled from performances by other artists. But most of it is from my own raggy mind except where noted in the descriptions for each piece.

Although I am flattered that many of you want printed arrangements of my performances, it is a combined matter of personal capacity and recording technique that make it difficult for me to do so. For starters, which pieces should be printed out? With over 600 pieces already posted it is hardly practical or beneficial for me to create printed arrangements of each one. Since my MIDI recording technique of start and play yields performances that don't synchronize with the MIDI metronome, added to which there is no discernable left/right hand separation within the tracks, creating a printout from virtually any of my MIDI performances is a nightmarish prospect at best. Importing the files into a sheet music publisher creates a screen view of music that is unreadable and incoherent for the most part. There is also personal capacity, since I also maintain a regular job, active church life, family life, concerts requiring travel, and creating material and articles for this and other sites. So the short-term answer is no.

In the future I may consider a folio of selected arrangements based on request frequency, but that is still some years away. In the mean time, the only music I do have available for your personal enjoyment are my own ragtime compositions, found in CD Recordings and Sheet Music section.