The Ragtime Dance
Words, Instructions and Music by Scott Joplin
[Note that all specific stage directions are given in italics, while references to the directions in the lyrics are in "quotes."]
Introduction: I attened [sic] a ball last thursday [sic] night, Given by the dark town swells...
Ev'ry coon came out in full dress alright [sic], And the girls were society belles...
The hall was illuminated by electric lights, It certainly was a sight to see;
So many colored folks there without a razor fight... 'Twas a great surprise to me.
Interlude: There was little Sam' Smith the great "lady's [sic] man",
Who had the honor of being manager of the floor...
Told the people to get ready for the time is near at hand,
And the dance begins at nine o'clock you know.
Then the orchestra began to play the sweet entrancing music
Of the most popular dance of the day.
Ev'ry couple took their places all the coons had smiling faces
While they waited for the caller to say, well;
1st Verse, Begin "rag time dance."
Verse A1: Let me see you do the "ragtime dance"... [music]
Turn left and do the "Cake walk prance"... [music]
Turn the other way and do the "Slow drag"... [music] 1st and 2nd verses, Begin "Slow drag."
Now take your lady to the worlds fair and do the "ragtime dance."
2nd Verse, Begin "Clean up dance."
Verse A2: Let me see you do the "clean up dance"... [music]
Now you do the "Jennie Cooler dance"... [music]
Turn the other way and do the "Slow drag"... [music] 1st and 2nd verses, Begin "Slow drag."
Now take your lady to the worlds fair and do the "ragtime dance."
Form a "Square
Verse B1: Now "rag" and "circle to your left", Be careful to do your best. 1st verse, begin "Circle."
Take your time, stay in line, you are the ragtime guest.
Take partners do the "rag two step", I know you are enjoying yourselves, 1st verse, begin "Rag two step"
You are representatives Begin "Rag time dance" of dark town's wealth. Stop where you are!
Verse B2: Ev'rybody now "form a line", Dance nothing but the real ragtime. 2nd verse, "Form line"
Do your best, "forward four steps", you are all very fine. 2nd verse, begin "Forward four steps."
Let me see you do the "back step prance", Be graceful at ev'ry chance. 2nd verse, begin "back step prance"
You are now enjoying Begin "Rag time dance" the "ragtime dance". Ev'ry body sing.
1st verse, begin "Cake walk."
Verse C1: "Cake walk" soft and sweetly, be sure your steps done neatly.
Keep up a slow advance, 'twill put you in a trance.
Now "form a line" as you did before, you're dancing with your best beau, 1st and 2nd verses, "Form line."
But the only real thing is Begin "Rag time dance" the "ragtime dance". Ev'rybody turn;
2nd verse, "Turn to your right."     2nd verse, begin "Dude walk."
Verse C2: To your right do the "dude walk", 'tis a wonderful sight is the "town talk",
This is your only chance, enjoy it while you can.
Now "form a perfect straight line", get ready for the "Stop time", 1st and 2nd verses, "Form line."
You are the "easy winners" in Begin "Rag time dance" the ragtime dance.
Notice. To get the desired effect of "Stop Time" the pianist will please Stamp the heel of one foot heavily upon the floor
at every word "Stamp." Do not raise the toe of the foot from the floor while stamping.    Author.
1st Lady........"dance."}
2nd Lady........"dance."}
3rd Lady........"dance."}
4th Lady........"dance."}
After the ladies are
through dancing then the
  /1st Gent........"dance."
 /  2nd Gent........"dance."
   3rd Gent........"dance."
   4th Gent........"dance."
Pianist will pause until last Gent has finished dancing.
Final Section 1: [Descending thirds]    Turn left walk around,
[Descending thirds]    Walk "Sedidus" now.
2nd verse, begin "Sedidus walk" Everybody "in line" with last dancer.
Final Section 2: [Descending thirds]    We've finished in a prance,
[Descending thirds]    The "Rag time dance."

The Ragtime Dance — Performed by Bill Edwards
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