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Established:June 1997
Author:All content written, coded, illustrated, maintained and posted by Bill Edwards
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  • Audio and Enahnced Multimedia CDs are $15 each except were noted
  • Karaoke CD+G 2 Disc sets are $19 each
  • Cassette recordings are $8 each
  • Sheet music is $4 per title except where noted.
  • Shipping is Included in All Pricing
  • Prices are in US dollars. USD check or money order accepted.

For more information, or for special orders, contact Bill at email address, or:

Bill Edwards
20290 Glenrobin Terrace
Ashburn, VA  20147, U.S.A.

Most CDs are computer enhanced and designed for use in your CD player and PC unless otherwise specified. They are compatible with virtually all CD/DVD players with the exception of some early model 1x and 2x CD-ROM drives and early DVD units.
All Cassettes are on Cro2 pro mastered at real-time speed from the original digital source.

Internet Cash/Check/Money Order Form

This form is for orders via Cash, Check or Money Order by Mail Only. To use a Credit Card or Electronic Banking Transaction (EBT), go back to each item you would like to order on the Listing Pages, add it to the Shopping Cart, then check out from that shopping cart window.

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Enter Desired Quantities - Click On a Title to View Contents

CD Tape     "P E R F E S S O R"   B I L L
C101B - The Two Sides of Perfessor Bill
C106A - Rhapsodies in Ragtime *
C107B - Rapid Fire Ragtime *
C108A - Perfessor Bill Sings, Volume 1 *
C109A - Perfessor Bill Sings, Volume 2 *
C110A - Perfessor Bill Sings, Volume 3 *
C111A - The Art of the Rag *
C112A - Strokin' The Ivories *
C113 - Championship Old-Time Piano
C114 - Blues You Can Use *
C116A - The All American Ragtime Boys
C117 - Championship Old-Time Piano II
C118 - Rags of Grace and Beauty *
C119 - Y1.9K Year 1900 Compliant
C120 - Quality Ragtime *
C121 - Patriot's Dreams
C122 - A Bag of Rags *
C123 - Rags of Peace and Plenty *
C125 - Rags For The Strenuous Life *
C126 - The Rag's The Thing *
C127 - Whipped Cream Rag *
C128 - Championship Old-Time Piano III
C129 - The Roaring Piano *
C130 - "Perfessor" Bill Plays Honky Tonk
C131 - The Gospel From Within
C132 - It's Ragging Cats and Dogs
C133 - Christmas Eve 1915
C134 - Music for Muskoka
 C135 - Syncopated Safari
 C137 - Championship Old-Time Piano IV
 C138 - T-Model Tunes
       C139 - RAGZ
       C140 - BLUZ
       C141 - TANGOZ

CD Tape
C115 - Old-Time Karaoke Volume 1 *
C124 - Old-Time Karaoke Volume 2 *
$19   C115G - Old-Time Karaoke 1 CD+G *
$19   C124G - Old-Time Karaoke 2 CD+G *

CD Tape     G U E S T   A R T I S T S
C301 - M. Mincer: Edgecombe Cakewalk
C302 - Marty Mincer: Goldenrod Rag
C303 - M. Mincer: Black and White Rag
C304 - Miss Kelsey: Old Songs New*
CD Only    V I N T A G E   R E C O R D I N G S
C509 - Bill Krenz/Burt Bales/Marvin Ash
C510 - Frankie Carle Plays Honky Tonk Piano
C511 - Knuckles O'Toole Goes to Paris
C512 - Knuckles O'Toole Honky Tonk Piano 1/2
C513 - Knuckles O'Toole Honky Tonk Piano 3/4
C514 - Knuckles O'Toole Ragtime Piano Hits
C515 - Sing A Song with Knuckles O'Toole
C516 - Willie "THE ROCK" Knox/Slugger Ryan
C517 - Wally Rose - Columbia Sessions 1
C518 - Wally Rose - Columbia Sessions 2
C519 - Gentlemen, Be Seated (Minstrel Shows)
C520 - Benny Fields and His Minstrel Men
C521 - Ragtime Piano Roll
C522 - Del Wood Volume 1
C523 - Del Wood Volume 2
C524 - Del Wood Volume 3
C525 - Del Wood Volume 4
C526 - Del Wood Volume 5
C531 - Marvin Ash Volume 1
C532 - Marvin Ash Volume 2
C533 - Marvin Ash Volume 3

M U L T I - S E T S

$22   C105B - Ragtime Sampler 2CD Set
$50    $25   C1001 - Classic Ragtime 4-Pack *
$38    $20   C1002 - Ragtime Song 3-Pack *
$50    $25   C1003 - Champ Old-Time Piano 4-Pack

* Indicates Enhanced Audio CD with additional text content and information. Other CDs are audio only.

S H E E T   M U S I C

Enter Desired Quantities

Blood on the Keys
Pride of the Prairie
The Hanon Rag
The Piano Tuner's Nightmare
A Nocturne In Ragtime
Buck's Banjo
The Ragtime Pamela
The Necromancer

The Weiner Schnitzel Rag
The Tuxedo Cat Rag
The Radio's Gone Silent
Muskoka Falls (w/Joseph Lamb)
Ragapples (w/Marty Mincer)
Mechanic's Rag (Marty Mincer)
Calliope Rag

Extra comments or special requests (Can include URLs and html):

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Orders will be prepared on receipt of this form, and mailed upon receipt of the funds. The total for your order should show above, based on prices indicated at the top of the page. We will get back to you if there are any discounts on your total. Thank you for your business, and I hope you enjoy the music for many years to come.

'Perfessor' Bill Edwards

For a more complete look at the spectrum of what I have recorded, as well as some great cover art, I recommend that you visit my Ragtime Sheet Music and MIDI section with over 500 MIDI files and even more Cover Art!


To find even more Ragtime Recordings on CD, Vinyl or Tape, including rare items, go to GEMM, because if it ain't there, you can pretty much fuhgeddaboudit!
Search GEMM Now:   

Ragtime Webring-Dedicated To Scott Joplin

The Ragtime Webring-Dedicated to Scott Joplin and the music of the Ragtime Era, this ring is an invaluable resource for jazz music lovers, musicians and historians. Sheet music, midi files, afro-american history, record collectors...

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There are lots of great ragtime recordings by top artists available from
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Including some of my recommended favorites:
Max Morath Dick Hyman Dick Zimmerman
Paul Lingle Wally Rose Lu Watters
James P. Johnson Tony Caramia Squirrel Nut Zippers
Marcus Roberts Butch Thompson Jelly Roll Morton
Glenn Jenks Sue Keller Fats Waller
The Good Time Jazz Catalog and Bill's personal favorites, The Firehouse Five+2!

And don't miss these movies which include some ragtime music:
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The Jolson Story Jolson Sings Again
Cheaper by the Dozen San Francisco
Somewhere in Time Titanic (1953)
The Other Pretty Baby
42nd Street Reds
The Son of Kong Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
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How To Dance Through Time - Dances of the Ragtime Era

Or just search their site using the search engine below!


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