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Established:June 1997
Author:All content written, coded, illustrated, maintained and posted by Bill Edwards
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Marty Mincer     Recordings and Music
Ragtime Compact Discs
Black and White Rag
CD $15.00  add to cart

Marty Mincer supplies his own take on great ragtime arrangements along with tuba player Luke Miller. It's fun to contrast Marty's unique style with that of his friend, Bill Edwards, particularly on the tunes for which they both have recorded performances.
• Black and White Rag
• Grandpa's Spells
• Tiger Rag
• A Bag Of Rags
• Maple Leaf Rag
• Waiting for the Robert
    E. Lee
• Aviation Rag
• The Orange Blossom
• Car-Barlick Acid
• Sweet Georgia Brown
• The Beer Barrel Polka
• The Stars and Stripes Forever
• Lion Tamer Rag
• The Entertainer
The Edgecombe Cakewalk
CD $15.00  add to cart

Some personal favorites of Marty's are included in this collection meant to please both sides of the ragtime spectrum, including classic ragtime and barn-burners. The CD includes several bonus tracks, some of which were previously unreleased.
• The Edgecombe Cakewalk
• Rotation Rag
• Pegasus-A Classic Rag
• The Cutter
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
• Affinity Rag
• Under the Southern Moon
• California, Here I Come
• Bomb Shell Rag
• The Burning of Rome
• Who Let the Cows Out
• He'd Have to Get Under,
    Get Out and Get Under
• Uncle Zeke's Medley Rag
• Calico Rag
• The Cannon Ball †
• Knockout Drops †
• The Flash †
• Patricia Rag †
• Maple Leaf Rag †
• The Entertainer †
† Bonus CD tracks.
Goldenrod Rag
CD $15.00  add to cart

This collection of rags composed by the late Gil Lieby displays Mister Mincer's considerable talents in a fresh new way. His sensitive interpretations of these contemporary rags breathe life into a varied tableau of works that range from classic ragtime to blues.
• Goldenrod Rag
• Traintown Blues
• The Trophy Rag
• Hendy's Stairs
• Chaddy Pat
• Good News on Zero Street
• Li'l' Ruthie Waltz
• Anathema Blues
• The Carter Laker
• Goodbye MaMa
• Raggin' Up Fremont Street
• Fresno Frolics
• Lost Fuzzies
• Resurrection
The All American Ragtime Boys
CD $15.00  add to cart

Two World Champions of Old Time Piano, Marty Mincer and "Perfessor" Bill Edwards join forces for a spectacular feast of mostly pure and mildly adulterated ragtime classics (and not one single bad joke). Newly formatted and recorded for 2002 with more duets on this release.
• Calico Rag
• Fig Leaf Rag
• Anoma
• Car-Barlick Acid
• Belinda
• Black and White Rag
• The Chevy Chase
• Knockout Drops *
• Ragapples *
• Angel Food Rag **
• The Teddy Bear's Picnic **
• Maple Leaf Rag
• The Entertainer
• A Bag of Rags
• Repasz Band
• Aviation Rag
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
• Mechanics Rag
• The Lion Tamer
• The Stars and Stripes Forever
* Marty Mincer Solo      ** Bill Edwards Solo

Fully Arranged and Engraved!
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The Mechanics Rag
Sheet $4.00  add to cart

Marty's first and favorite composition, this is a delightful fine-tuned piece written in the style of early folk rags of the Midwest, and is relatively easy to learn and fun to play, but most certainly not intended for those who are mechanically disinclined!
Sheet $4.00  add to cart

Whimsical and fun, this is the first collaboration between Perfessor Bill and Farmer Marty. It is fairly easy to play until you get to the trio, but once you get to the core of this rag it's sure to blossom on you as you branch out into each section. Tree-mendous fun.