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What is contained on this page is only a partial listing of films that Sam Edwards appeared in. There are more to be discovered, either through casting call sheets, old scripts, newspaper notices, or the like, and they will be added as we find them. The films are roughly in chronological order, and a small synopsis plus Sam's role is included where it could be found. Other names are included as a reference of the actors he often worked with. There is one exception to universal listings, such as that shown in his IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) listing. We can find no evidence that Sam was in the 1951 feature Flying Leathernecks in spite of these listings, so it is not included here. This listing is more inclusive than either IMDB or Updated 07/12/2010.

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High Hat (Imperial Pictures - 1936 on screen credit - 01/01/1937)
Opera singer Elanda Lee gets so filled with herself, bordering on rude and snooty, that she finds herself out of work. Radio singer 'Sewanee' Collier takers her under his wing, and she becomes America's most popular radio star and is soon back on top. This film includes a very early view of television broadcasting. Frank Luther, Dorothy Dare, Lona Andre, Gavin Gordon, Franklin Pangborn, Esther Muir, Ferdinand Munier, Robert Warwick, Clarence Music, Harry Harvey, Jack Edwards (credited as Sonny Edwards) and Sam Edwards (credited as Buddy Edwards) as singing bellhops. Watch film
The East Side Kids (Monogram - 02/10/1940)
A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop when he realizes that crime doesn't pay. One of his childhood friends is in prison for a murder he didn't commit, and the cop looks for evidence to free him. Meanwhile, the prisoner's brother gets mixed up with a gang of counterfeiters, and inadvertently discovers the evidence that can set his brother free, if he can only get someone to believe him. Leon Ames, Dennis Moore, Joyce Bryant, Hal E. Chester, Harris Berger, Frankie Burke, Vince Barnett, Dave O'Brien, Ted Adams, Maxine Leslie, Robert Fiske, Donald Haines, David Durand, Jack Edwards, Sam Edwards as Pete
Captain Midnight (Columbia - 02/15/1942)
Probably one of the best movie serials, 15 episodes of 20 to 30 minutes each. It was based on the classic radio serial with great production value given the minimal wartime budget. Midnight seeks to protect a scientist and his daughter from invention-stealing bad guys out to wreck America's defense effort. The bad guys, lead by Ivan Shark and his daughter Fury, stoop to new lows as they battle the Captain and plot to destroy our war effort. The plot followed mostly the main characters and moved rapidly without too much padding in any episode. Dave O'Brien as Captain Midnight, James Craven as Ivan Shark, Bryant Washburn, Joyce Edwards, Guy Wilkerson, Joseph W. Girard, Sam Edwards as Chuck Ramsey
Rubber Racketeers (Monogram - 06/26/1942)
Gilin is just released from prison and now that the government has clamped down on the sale of tires, decides to enter the tire-stealing-for-resell racket. A bootleg tire blows out, and Henry's buddy Freddy Dale is killed in the accident. He rallies his defense plant workers to stop this illegal activity and sets out to stop Gilin and his gang. The climactic scene has Henry's forces battling the bad guys at the gang's headquarters. When the movie was released, rubber bootlegging was a real activity, and a warning at the end of the movie tells people to be leery of underhanded dealers. Ricardo Cortez, Rochelle Hudson, William Henry, Barbara Read, Milburn Stone, Dewey Robinson, Sam Edwards as Freddy Dale
Bambi (Disney - 08/21/1942)
The animated story of Bambi, a young deer hailed as the 'Prince of the Forest' at his birth. As Bambi grows, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, learns the skills needed to survive, and even finds love. One day, however, the hunters come, and Bambi must learn to be as brave as his father if he is to lead the other deer to safety. Fred Shields, Paula Winslowe, Will Wright, Margaret Lee, Mary Lansing, Thelma Hubbard, Ann Gillis, Sterling Holloway as adult Flower, Sam Edwards as adult Thumper
The Little Broadcast (Paramount - 09/25/1943)
Stop-motion animation short. If you associate stop-motion with Gumby and Pokey or Mr. Bill shorts on Saturday Night Live, this is what you need to show you what's happening: a series of musical pieces ranging from classical etudes to The Rhythm is Hot In Harlem and houses that assemble themselves. Some racial stereotype involved, but a very creative effort. Sam Edwards as various voices
The Street with No Name (20th Century Fox - 07/14/1948)
A pseudo-documentary about the F.B.I. After two gang-related killings in Center City, a suspect (who was framed) is arrested, released on bail, and then murdered. Inspector Briggs of the FBI recruits a young agent to go undercover in the shadowy Skid Row area as criminal George Manly, a potential victim of the same racket headed by Alec Stiles. Classic film noir. Mark Stevens, Richard Widmark, Lloyd Nolan, Barbara Lawrence, Ed Begley, Donald Buka, Joseph Pevney, John McIntire, Walter Greaza, Howard Smith, Vincent Donahue, Larry Anzalone, Sam Edwards as Whitey
Larceny (Universal - 09/03/1948)
A scam artist enlists a con man to help swindle a widow out of the $100,000 she's received to build a memorial to her war-hero husband, but the con man winds up falling in love with her instead, creating complications. The scam artist's girlfriend is also after the con man, making matters worse for both of them. John Payne, Joan Caulfield, Dan Duryea, Shelley Winters, Dorothy Hart, Richard Rober, Dan O'Herlihy, Nicholas Joy, Percy Helton, Walter Greaza, Don Wilson, Sam Edwards as YAA President
The Countess of Monte Cristo (Universal - 11/1948)
An icy musical tells the story of two Hollywood movie extras who escape to an expensive resort with their stage costumes and pretend to be aristocrats. The film includes a number of songs and skating numbers featuring their stars. Sonja Henie, Olga San Juan, Dorothy Heart, Michael Kirby, Sam Edwards as Bellboy (uncredited).
Twelve O'Clock High (20th Century Fox - 12/21/1949)
Framed by a postwar prologue and epilogue and told as a flashback appreciation of wartime valor and teamwork, the film stars Gregory Peck in one of his finest performances as a callous general who assumes command of a bomber squadron based in England. At first, the new commander has little rapport with the 918th Bomber Group, whose loyalties still belong with their previous commander. As they continue to fly dangerous missions over Germany, however, the group and their new leader develop mutual respect and admiration, until the once-alienated commander feels that his men are part of a family - men whose bravery transcends the rigors of rigid discipline and by-the-book leadership. Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlow, Gary Merrill, Millard Mitchell, Dean Jagger, Robert Arthur, Paul Steward, John Kellogg, Robert Patten, Joyce Mackenzie, Don Hicks, Lee MacGregor, Sam Edwards as Lt. Birdwell (918th Bomb Group pilot)
The Jackpot (20th Century Fox - 11/01/1950)
Bill Lawrence is an overworked family man who wins a slew of prizes on a radio quiz program. There are many useful items but some comically useless ones as well. His happiness is short-lived when he discovers he'll have to sell the prizes in order to pay the taxes on them and a $24,000 jackpot. Jimmy Stewart, Barbara Hale, James Gleason, Fred Clark, Alan Mowbray, Patricia Medina, Natalie Wood, Tommy Rettig, Sam Edwards as Parking Lot Attendant
The Sun Sets At Dawn (Holiday Films - 11/01/1950)
The Boy is about to be executed in the State's brand-new electric chair, after having possibly been wrongly convicted. Reporters covering the execution relate the story, each from his own perspective. One reporter pieces together the true story and determines he's innocent, but can the real killer be found and the young man saved before his execution? When he is found, it is suggested that a Divine force has brought about this last-minute miracle. This was one of the first films shown on Australian TV when it went on the air. Philip Shawn as The Boy, Sally Paar as The Girl, Walter Reed as The Chaplain, Howard St. John as The Warden, King Donovan, Percy Helton, Perry Ivins, Charles Meredith, Jack Reynolds, Sam Edwards as Reporter for the Herald
Operation Pacific (Warner Brothers - 01/27/1951)
"Duke" Gifford is the first officer of the submarine Thunderfish. He feels guilty about the death of his former commanding officer, as well as his failed marriage. These issues pull at him during a hazardous mission against the Japanese in World War II, testing new torpedoes for the Navy. John Wayne, Patricia Neal, Ward Bond, Scott Forbes, Philip Carey, Paul Picerni, William Campbell, Kathryn Givney, Martin Milner, Cliff Clark, Jack Pennick, Vincent Fotre, Sam Edwards as Junior
Witness to Murder (United Artists - 04/15/1954)
Barbara Stanwyck sees a murder through her bedroom window, but no one will believe her. She is stalked by suave killer who first takes steps to convince police she is crazy, but she has ally in sympathetic policeman. Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, Jesse White, Harry Shannon, Claire Carleton, Lewis Martin, Dick Elliott, Harry Tyler, Juanita Moore, Sam Edwards as Tommy - Drug Store Counterman
Gangbusters (Visual Drama, Inc. - 1954)
Hardened criminal John Omar Pinson repeatedly breaks out of Oregon State Prison using clever ruses, and eluding police for prolonged periods afterwards. He is pursued by Detective Lieutenant Walsh of the State Police each time. Wayne Long is a punk in on petty robbery who wants to emulate the "success" of his idol, and sets out on his own crime spree upon his release to gain the now-missing Pinson's attention. Based on a true story. Adapted from episodes of the successful Dragnet-like television show of the same name. Myron Healey as John Omar Pinson, Don C. Harvey as Dt. Lt. Walsh, Grank Gerstle, Frank Richards, Kate MacKenna, Rusty Wescoatt, William Justine, Allan Ray, William Fawcett, Sam Edwards as Wayne Long
The McConnell Story (Warner Brothers - 12/02/1955)
Mac's plans to settle down and raise a family are upset by the Korean War. He goes as a fighter pilot and returns a hero, the first triple ace of the war. His neighbors have built a home for Mac and his devoted wife and their three children. Now he has an offer to test pilot new Sabre Jets. His wife is uneasy but knows she cannot ground her man. Alan Ladd, June Allyson, James Whitmore, Frank Faylen, Robert Ellis, Sam Edwards as Radio Operator (uncredited).
Between Heaven and Hell (Twentieth Century Fox - 10/11/1956)
The spoiled rich son of a wealthy Southerner is changed by his experiences in the Pacific during World War II. Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Broderick Crawford, Buddy Ebsen, Robert Keith, Sam Edwards as Soames (uncredited).
Guns Don't Argue (Visual Drama, Inc. - 1957)
Some of the world's most notorious gangsters are portrayed in this rambunctious, machine gun-rumbling docu-drama epic, including John Dillinger, Ma Barker, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie and Clyde. It protrays the battle against each of them by aggressive G-men under J. Edgar Hoover, and their eventual and just demise, if revisionist in many respects. Adapted from episodes of the successful television show Gangbusters. Myron Healey as John Dillinger, Jim Davis Captain Stewart, Lyle Talbot, Paul Dubov, Richard Crane, Tamar Cooper, Baynes Barron, Doug Wilson, Regina Gleason, Jeanne Carmen, Lash La Rue as Doc Barker, Jean Harvey as Ma Barker, Sam Edwards as Frank Barker
The Badlanders (MGM - 09/03/1958)
Two men are released from the Arizona Territorial Prison at Yuma in 1898. One, the Dutchman, is out to get both gold and revenge from the people of a small mining town who had him imprisoned unjustly. The other, McBain, is just trying to go straight, but that is easier said than done once the Dutchman involves him in his gold theft scheme. Alan Ladd, Ernest Borgnine, Katy Jurado, Claire Kelly, Kent Smith, Sam Edwards as Crazy Convict
Torpedo Run (MGM - 10/24/1958)
The commander of an American submarine during World War II sets out to destroy the Japanese Aircraft carrier which launched the attack on Pearl Harbour. His wife and child have been captured by the Japanese and they are using them and other prisoners of war as human shields for the carrier. Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Diane Brewster, Dean Jones, Philip Ober, Sam Edwards as Coleman - Sub Radio Operator.
Revolt in the Big House (Allied Artists - 12/21/1958)
Gannon is an imprisoned racketeer kingpin who tries to manipulate his young cellmate into staging a riot and a spectacular prison break, but the cellmate tries to back out when he realizes other inmates will likely be killed in the process. Gene Evans, Robert Blake, Timothy Carey, John Qualen, John Ednnis, Walter Barnes, Frank Richards, Emile Meyer, Arlene Hunter, Sam Edwards as Al
The Beatniks (Barjul International Pictures Inc. - 1960)
Eddie Crane and his gang have been living an errant life, robbing small stores and drinking booze as they ride around. When Eddie is heard singing to a record by a talent scout, he is suddenly on his way to becoming a top recording star. But first he needs to break away from his sidekick Mooney, and his other lawless and even murderous beatnik friends who were his only companions. Tony Travis as Eddie Crane, Peter Breck as Bob 'Moon' Mooney, Karen Kadler, Joyce Terry, Bob Wells, Sam Edwards as Red
The Absent-Minded Professor (Disney - 03/15/1961)
Bumbling Professor Brainard, who even has forgot his last three wedding dates, accidently invents flying rubber, or 'Flubber', an incredible material that gains energy every time it strikes a hard surface. It allows for the invention of shoes that can allow jumps of amazing heights and enables a modified Model-T to fly. But when Alonzo Hawk finds out about flubber, he does all he can to take it for himself. Fred MacMurry, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Ed Wynn, Tommy Kirk, Leon Ames, Elliot Reed, Edward Andrews, Paul Frees, Sam Edwards as Air Force radar controller
The Hoodlum Preist (United Artists - 03/26/1961)
Gritty true-life drama about Father Charles Clark, the St. Louis priest who helped rehabilitate former convicts after their release from prison. The film's focus is on Clark's friendship with a young thief whose robbery and murder of his former employer lands him on Death Row. As the wheels of justice turn, Clark's ideals are put to the ultimate test as the young man's very life hangs in the balance. Don Murray, Larry Gates, Cindi Wood, Keir Dullea, Logan Ramsey, Don Joslyn, Sam Capuano, Vincent O'Brien, Alan Mack, Sam Edwards as Reporter (uncredited)
The Prize (MGM - 12/25/1963)
As the Nobel Prize winners come to Stockholm to receive their awards, their lives are overturned and perturbed in various ways. One is an author who has taken to writing mysteries under assumed names, and receives the prize for literature. He must survive dangerous situations based on knowledge accumulated from his writing. Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson, Elke Sommer, Diane Baker, Michenloine Presle, Gérard Oury, Serfio Fantoni, Kevin McCarthy, Sam Edwards as Reporter
Bristle Face (a.k.a. Fox Hunter) (TV: Disney - 01/26/1964 & 02/02/1964)
A 1920s story about an orphan boy and his ugly hound dog. Disney always usually these 'boy and his dog' stories with care and emotion; this one is no exception. The performances by experienced character actors are fine, and the comedy scenes are fun. Brian Keith, Slim Pickens, Philp Alford, Parley Baer, Paul E. Burns, Jeff Donnell, Barbara Eiler, Wallace Ford, George Lindsey, Robert McQuain, Sam Edwards as Bert Fogerty
Dragnet 1966 (TV: Mark VII Ltd./NBC - 1966 - Theatrical Release 01/27/1969)
Sergeant Joe Friday is called back from vacation to work with his partner, Officer Bill Gannon, on a missing persons case. Two amateur female models and a young war widow have vanished, having been last seen with one J. Johnson. In the course of tracking down Johnson and the young ladies, the detectives wind up with two different descriptions of the suspect, one of which closely resembles a dead body found in a vacant lot. But the dead man, later identified as Charles LeBorg of France, proves not to be J. Johnson, when a third young model disappears. As per Jack Webb's previous Dragnet run, there are many older radio stars in the cast. Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Vic Perrin, Virginia Gregg, Gene Evans, John Roseboro, Bobby Troup, Tom Williams, Jaack Ragotzy, Roger Til, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Bruce Watson, Eddie Firestone, Herbert Ellis, Sam Edwards as Rodman
This Savage Land (TV: Universal/NBC - 1966 - Theatrical Release 07/01/1969)
A story of the westward trek from Ohio to Kansas, early tussles in a hostile frontier town, and the courtship and marriage between between widower Ben Pride and fellow homesteader Elizabeth Reynolds, whose father is murdered by vigilantes. This film is comprised of the first two combined pilot episodes of the 1966 television series, The Road West. The theatrical release takes advantage of the star power of George C. Scott, who appeared only in the second part. Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott, Kelly Corcoran, Charles Seel, Glenn Corbett, John Drew Barrymore, Roy Roberts, Katherine Squire, Charles Gray, Rex Holman, George C. Scott (part 2 only), Sam Edwards (part 2 only)
Three Guns for Texas (Universal - 05/1968)
Several episodes of the TV series "Laredo" edited together and released as a feature. Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Martin Milner, Philip Carey, Sam Edwards as Sammy (uncredited)
Journey to Shiloh (Universal - 06/03/1968)
Seven naive and eager Texans join head east to join the Confederacy in the Civil War, unaware of what battle is about. Only one comes back in this powerful drama of the futility of war, especially against ones own countrymen. James Caan, Michael Sarrazin, Brenda Scott, Don Stroud, Paul Petersen, Michael Burns, Jan-Michael Vincent, Harrison Ford, John Doucette, Noah Beery Jr., Tisha Sterling, James Gannon, Sam Edwards
Bullitt (Universal - 10/17/1968)
An all guts, no glory San Francisco cop becomes determined to find the underworld kingpin that killed the witness in his protection. Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn, Don Gordon, Simon Oakland, Norman Fell, Robert Duvall, Sam Edwards as Voice (uncredited)
Hello Dolly (20th Century Fox - 12/16/1969)
A matchmaker named Dolly Levi takes a trip to Yonkers, New York to see the "well-known unmarried half-a-millionaire," Horace Vandergelder. While there, she convinces him, his two stock clerks and his niece and her beau to go to New York City. In New York, she fixes Vandergelder's clerks up with the woman Vandergelder had been courting, and her shop assistant. I turns out that Dolly has designs of her own on Mr. Vandergelder, having been a widow for long enough. Adaptation of the successful Broadway musical starring a somewhat too young for the role Barbra Striesand as Dolly Levi. Walter Matthau as Horace Vandergelder, Michael Crawford as Cornelius Hackl, Danny Lockin as Barnaby Tucker, Marianne McAndrew as Irene Molloy, E.J. Peaker as Minnie Fay, Joyce Ames, Tommy Tune, Judy Knaiz, David Hurst, Louis Armstrong, Sam Edwards as a laborer in the chorus
Suppose They Gave A War and Nobody Came (ABC Films/Cinerama Releasing - 09/11/1970)
Warrant Officer Micheal Nace gets assigned to a large Army Base assigned as a community relations specialist who is reunited with his two long time Pals Sergeant Shannon Gambroni and Sergeant Raymond Jones. There has been a long time feud between the soldiers and the small town just outside the base. Brian Keith, Tony Curtis, Ivan Dixon, Ernest Borgnine, Suzanne Pleshette, Tom Ewell, Bradford Dillman, Arthur O'Connell, John Fiedler, Don Ameche, Jean Argyle, William Bramley, Eddie Firestone, Sam Edwards as Deputy Sam
Brotherhood of the Bell (TV/Theatrical: Warner Distribution/CBS Television - 09/17/1970)
A successful professor has his life disrupted by a secret from his past - in his college days he became a member of a powerful secret society, and now the society has a job for him. Glenn Ford, Dean Jagger, Robert Pine, Dabney Coleman, William Conrad, Rosemary Forsyth, Maurice Evans, Will Geer, Logan Field, Sam Edwards
The Cheyenne Social Club (National General Pictures - 06/12/1970)
In 1870 Texas, itinerant cowboy John O'Hanlan receives a letter notifying him that he has inherited a business establishment called the Cheyenne Social Club in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Thinking that he can finally settle down from his hard life on the trail and become a man of property, he travels with his friend Harley O'Sullivan to Cheyenne to claim his property. Once there, he finds the Cheyenne Social Club to be a brothel, run by the attractive Madame Jenny. John plans to close the place down and turn it into a boardinghouse, but the citizens of Cheyenne try to convince him to keep the whorehouse the way it is. James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Shirley Jones, Sue Ann Langdon, Elaine Devry, Robewrt Middleton, Arch Johnson, Dabbs Greer, Jackie Russell, John Dehner, Ed Pennybacker, Bill Hicks, Sam Edwards
Dan August: The Relative Solution (Quinn Martin Productions/ABC - 1/28/1971)
This movie is comprised of two episodes of the Dan August television series, Dead Witness to a Killing and Days of Rage, made into a feature film to capitalize on the popularity of start Burt Reynolds. An eyewitness to a murder committed by an ambitious assistant DA is killed by a sniper. Also, a group of revolutionaries is victimized by a mysterious murderer. Burt Reynolds, Richard Anderson, Ned Romero, Ena Hartmann, Norman Fell, Martin Sheen, Monte Markham, Diana Hyland, Sam Edwards
Cold Turkey (United Artists - 02/19/1971)
Reverend Brooks leads the town of Eagle Rock, Iowa, in a contest to stop smoking for a month. Turns out it is an evil tobacco company that is fronting the $25,000,000 prize for the town. If the townspeople don't go nuts from wanting a cigarette, or kill each other from irritation and frustration, they will win the bounty. However, some tobacco executives don't want them to win, and try everything they can to make them smoke. Dick Van Dyke, Pippa Scott, Edward Everett Horton, Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding (Bob and Ray), Vincent Gardenia, Barnard Hughes, Jean Stapleton, Barbara Cason, Sudie Bond, Jack Grimes, M. Emmet Walsh, Bob Newhart, Sam Edwards
O'Hara, United States Treasury: Operation Cobra (TV: Mark VII Ltd./CBS - 04/02/1971)
James O'Hara, a small-town sheriff, is recruited by the US Treasury's Bureau of Customs. O'Hara's first assignment: To break up a gang of smugglers trafficking in hashish. A Jack Webb movie pilot for a TV show. David Janssen, Lana Wood, Jerome Thor, Gary Crosby, Charles McGraw, Jack Ging, Stacy Harris, William Conrad, Jim B. Smith, Ed Peck, Mike Road, Jack Webb (Narrator), Sam Edwards as Baggage Attendant
Scandalous John (Disney - 06/22/1971)
A crotchety old ranch owner fights to be able to live his life the way he wants to, and not the way other people - and the law - tell him he has to. Filmed in New Mexico. Brian Keith, Alfonso Arau, Harry Morgan, Simon Oakland, Bill Williams, Richard Hale, Rick Lenz, John Ritter, Christopher Dark, Michele Cary, Sam Edwards as Bald Head
Fool's Parade (Columbia Pictures - 08/18/1971)
When a trio of ex-convicts led by Mattie Appleyard is released from prison, they hope to open a general store using money Mattie has saved during his 40-year sentence. This attempt is met with great resistance from a corrupt prison official and the banker who issued Mattie the check. James Stewart, George Kennedy, Anne Baxter, Strother Martin, Kurt Russell, William Windom, Mkie Kellin, Katherine Cannon, Morgan Paull, Robert Donner, David Huddleston, Dort Clark,James Lee Barrett, Kitty Jefferson Doepken, Dwigth McConnell, Sam Edwards
Ironside: The Priest Killer (TV: Universal/NBC - 09/14/1971)
An extension of the Ironside series. A police chief who is confined to a wheelchair and a former cop who is now a priest team up to discover who has been committing a series of murders of local priests. Raymond Burr, George Kennedy, Don Galloway, Don Mitchell, Louise Latham, Anthony Zerbe, Petter Brocco, Robert Sampson, Robert Shayne, Kermit Murdock, Sam Edwards
In Broad Daylight (TV: Aaron Spelling Productions/ABC - 10/16/1971)
Actor Tony Chappel is left blind after an accident. Using newly-heightened senses he soon discovers that his wife is cheating on him with his best friend, and hatches a plot to murder them both. The plan is contingent upon Chappel's ability to convince witnesses that he can actually see. Richard Boone, Suzanne Pleshette, Stella Stevens, John Marley, Fred Beir, Whit Bissell, Paul Smith, Dan Spelling, Barbara Dodd, Wally Taylor, Ken Sansom, Sam Edwards as Cunningham
The Death of Me Yet (TV: Aaron Spelling Productions/ABC - 10/27/1971)
The editor of a small-town newspaper has his past unexpectedly catch up with him: he finds out that a Soviet agent who knew him when he was a spy has been sent to the U.S. to kill him. His efforts to stay ahead of the killer test his true loyalties to his adopted country. Doug McClure, Darren McGavin, Rosemary Forsyth, Richard Basehart, Meg Foster, Dana Elcar, Jean Allison, Stephen Dunne, Scottie MacGregor, Allen Jaffe, John Kroga, Sam Edwards as Jerry
The Biscuit Eater (Disney - 1972)
In the back country of Tennessee, Lonnie McNeil, the son of a tenant farmer, tries to train a young hunting dog, Moreover, who is thought to be inferior becaue of a "bad streak" in him. With the help of his best friend, Text, a black boy, Lonnie maintains his faith in the dog. After overcoming serious obstacles, the dog proves he has championship potential. Earl Holliman, Pat Crowley, Lew Ayres, Godfrey Cambridge, Beah Richards, Clifton James, Johnny Whitaker, George Spell, Mantan Moreland, Sam Edwards
Set This Town on Fire (TV: Universal TV/NBC - 01/08/1973)
After serving seven years in prison for manslaughter, a man returns to his hometown to find that the eyewitness whose testimony convicted him has second thoughts, and the town drunk has confessed to the crime. Chuck Connors, Carl Betz, Lynda Day George, Charles Robinson, John Anderson, Jeff Corey, James Westerfield, Paul Fix, Nancy Malone, Vaughn Taylor, John Tompkins, Tol Avery, Sam Edwards as Motel Manager
Lolly-Madonna XXX (or The Lolly Madonna War) (MGM - 02/21/1973)
Two rustic families, headed by patriarchs Laban Feather and Pap Gutshall, are feuding. At first, it is comical, with just the sons of the two families playing tricks on each other. But soon the Feather boys decide to kidnap a girl. She turns out to be innocent bystander Roonie Gill, not the made-up girlfriend "Lolly Madonna." Rod Steiger, Jeff Bridges, Robert Ryan, Scott Wilson, Katherine Squire, Tresa Hughes. Timothy Scott, Kiel Martin, Season Hubley, Randy Quaid, Gary Busey, Sam Edwards
Chase (TV: Mark VII Ltd./Universal TV/NBC - 03/24/1973)
A special police unit led by Captain Chase Reddick goes after a cop-killer. Pilot for a Jack Webb TV Show. Note the core of the secondary players, nearly all being Webb regulars. Mitch Ryan, Reid Smith, Michael Richardson, Brian Fong, Brenda Scott, Albert Reed, John Davis Chandler, Valentin de Vargas, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Virginia Gregg, Herb Vigran, James W. Gavin, Bert Holland, Sam Edwards
Hog Wild (TV: Disney - 01/20/1974 & 1/27/1974)
In the Old West of the 1880s Morris Melbourne has left the city life of Chicago to risk his family's future on a farm, but when it comes to the crunch, everything depends on his son, Sterling. John Ericson, Diana Muldaur, Clay O'Brien, Kim Richards, Walter Barnes, Nicolas Beauvy, Shug Fisher, Ted Gehring, Don Knight, Denver Pyle, Sam Edwards as Farmer
Hurricane (a.k.a. Hurricane Hunters) (TV: Metromedia Productions/ABC - 09/10/1974)
A relaxing weekend by the sea becomes a battle for survival when a killer hurricane strikes. Tidal waves over thirty feet high and thunderous, destructive winds batter the coastline. An all-star cast fight overwhelming odds to escape the incredible destructive power of the hurricane. Using actual footage of hurricane Camille and a plethora of special effects, Hurricane is a pulse pounding vision of nature's savage fury! Larry Hagman, Martin Milner, Jessica Walter, Barry Sullivan, Michael Learned, Frank Sutton, Will Geer, Lonny Chapman, Ayn Ruymen, Barry Livingston, Patrick Duffy, Sam Edwards as Del Travis
Hit Lady (TV: Spelling-Goldberg Productions/ABC - 10/08/1974)
A beautiful young artist moonlights as a syndicate killer, one "who never misses." She is convinced to work one last job, getting close to then killing a union leader. But will she get too close to him? Yvette Mimieux (also wrote the screenplay), Joseph Campanella, Clu Gulager, Dack Ramgo, Keenan Wynn, Roy Jenson, Paul Genge, Del Monroe, Mitzi Hoag, Sam Edwards as Innkeeper
Escape To Witch Mountain (TV/Theatrical: Disney - 03/21/1975)
Two mysterious orphan children, Tia and Tony, have extraordinary powers and are chased by a scheming millionaire through one of his employees posing as their uncle. A cynical widower traveling in his camper helps the children escape to Witch Mountain where they feel they are being called. But where do these kids really call home? Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, Kim Richards, Ike Eisenmann, Walter Barnes, Reta Shaw, Denver Pyle, Alfred Ryder, Lawrence Montaigne, Sam Edwards as Mate on boat (non-speaking role)
Flight of the Grey Wolf (Disney) (TV/Theatrical: Disney - 03/14/1976)
Russ Hanson is a teenager with a grey wolf cub for a pet. He raises the cub at his parents' kennel until the wolf is accused of seriously injuring a small child. With hunters on their trail, both Russ and Grey flee into the mountain wilderness to escape, and along the way Russ attempts to train Grey to adapt to life in the wild and run with his own kind. Jeff East, Bill Williams, Barbara Hale, William Bryant, Eric Server, Judson Pratt, Owen Bush, Joe Haworth, Jesse Martin, Sam Edwards as Amsel
The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe (TV: Spelling-Goldberg Productions/ABC - 05/29/1976)
Three young women who posed as the daughters of an elderly homesteader find out that he has been falsely accused of murder, convicted and sentenced to hang. They hatch a plot to smuggle him out of prison. John McIntire, Randall Carver, Leslie Dalton, John Dehner, Jack Elam, Joel Fabiani, Larry Hovis, Renne Jarrett, Geoffrey Lewis, Jimmy Lydon, Sean McClory, Ford Rainey, Liberty Williams, Sam Edwards
One Step at a Time (Union Pacific - 05/1977)
A Safety Film for the Union Pacific Railroad. Sam Edwards as Narrator.
Viva Knievel (Warner Brothers - 06/1977)
As the legendary stuntman travels to Mexico to prepare for one of his greatest stunts yet, he takes time out of his schedule to meet his fans, help out lonely orphans, and try to get his alcoholic mechanic to reconcile with his son. While all of this is going on, Evel's main rival is plotting to have Evel killed and then get rich by using the Team Evel 18-wheeler to smuggle cocaine into America. The movie is really not that good in spite of the seasoned cast. Evel Knievel, Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton, Red Buttons, Leslie Nielsen, Cameron Mitchell, Frank Gifford, Eric Olson, Sheila Allen, Albert Salmi, Dabney Coleman,Ernie F. Orsatti, Sam Edwards as a Track Manager
The Incredible Rocky Mountain Race (TV: Sunn Classic Pictures/NBC - 12/17/1977)
An old man observes a boy bullying his playmates and treats him to a morality lesson. The man tells the story of the epic cross-country race between a young Mark Twain and his rival, Mike Fink. The bulk of the film depicts the race, which proves to be more a test of character than of stamina. Christopher Connelly, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Jack Kruschen, Mike Mazurki, Parley Baer, Whit Bissell, Bill Zuckert, Don Haggerty, Sanford Gibbons, Sam Edwards as Milford Petrie
Killing Stone (TV: NBC - 05/02/1978)
Sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, a man is freed ten years later, and must begin to rebuild his life. Written and directed by Michael Landon. Gil Gerard, J.D. Cannon, Jim Davis, Matthew Laborteaux, Corinne Camacho, Joshua Bryant, Nehemiah Persoff, Howard Witt, Laurence Haddon, Sam Edwards
Just Me and You (TV: Roger Gimbel Productions/NBC - 05/22/1978)
A nutty woman living in New York decides to travel to Los Angeles to patch up her differences with her boyfriend. On the way there, she hitches a ride with an equally off-beat salesman, and soon thereafter, crazy problems for both of them begin. Charles Grodin, Louise Lasser, Michael Alldredge, Miriam Byrd/Nethery, Noble Willingham, Julie Bovasso, Paul Fix, Tony DiBenedetto, Sam Edwards (uncredited)
Roots: The Next Generation - Part III (TV: Sunn Classic Pictures/NBC - 2/20/1979)
The continuation of the original series of Roots from the book by Alex Haley. Sam Edwards was Sam Haley, but his speaking parts from the original script were cut out. He appears at the beginning walking along a board sidewalk.
Mark Twain: Beneath the Laughter (TV: Foundation for American Letters and Media/PBS - 12/10/1979)
Developed with the assistance of nationally recognized Twain scholars, this film focuses on the tragedy or folly that often provoked the writer’s humor. Here Twain himself illuminates the darker side of his character. Dramatized incidents from his fiction and his life illustrate the deep pessimism that formed a counterpoint to Twain’s celebrated humor. Dan O'Herlihy, Kay Howell, Peter Henry Schroeder, Richard Moll, Gavan O'Herlihy, Maurice Kowaleski, Les Podewell, Steve Stark, Sam Edwards as Bixby
Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War (TV: Warner Brothers Television - 1980)
This film, one of a series in a Moviola trilogy, tells the story of how one of the famous movie roles was cast, that of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. This involved the most massive talent search ever launched, with David O. Selznick at the helm. Tony Curtis, Bill Macy, Harold Gould, Sharon Gless, George Furth, Edward Winter, Barrie Youngfellow, Carrie Nye, Clive Revill, Gwen Humble, Patricia Smith, James Ray, William Bogert, Sue Ann Gilfillan, Joe Forman, Sam Edwards.
The Postman Always Rings Twice (Paramount Pictures - 03/20/1981)
This remake of the 1946 movie of the same name accounts an affair between a seedy rootless drifter and the seductive wife of a Greek roadside cafe owner. This begins a chain of events that culminates in murder. "Death, like the postman, always rings twice." Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange, John Colicos, Michael Lerner, John P. Ryan, Anjelica Huston, William Traylor, Thomas Hill, Jon Van Ness, Brian Farrell, Sam Edwards as bus station ticket clerk

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The East Side Kids Bambi
Captain Midnight The Street With No Name
Twelve O'Clock High The Jackpot
Operation Pacific A Link in the Chain
Gangbusters The Beatniks
The Hoodlum Priest The Absent-Minded Professor (Disney)
The Prize Hello Dolly
Suppose They Gave A War and Nobody Came Cheyenne Social Club
Scandalous John (Disney) The Biscuit Eater (Disney)
Cold Turkey Hit Lady
Hurricane (TV Movie) Escape to Witch Mountain (Disney)
Flight of the Grey Wolf (Disney) The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe
Viva Knievel The Postman Always Rings Twice
Andy Griffith Show (Season 1) Green Acres (Season 1)
S.W.A.T. (Season 1) Streets of San Francisco (Episode)
Dragnet (1950s Episodes) Dragnet on the Radio
Little House on the Prairie (Season 5) Little House on the Prairie (Season 6)
Johnny Quest (Season 1) The Puppetoon Movie (w/Little Broadcast)
Kolchak: Night Stalker (Devil's Platform) Gunsmoke: A Complete History (Book)

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