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What is contained on this page is only a partial listing of television shows and television film appearances by Sam Edwards. There are more to be discovered, either through casting call sheets, old scripts, newspaper notices, or the like, and they will be added as we find them. Some are more difficult to ascertain, since they may have simply included looping or off-screen work, and variety shows like Red Skelton, much less soap operas, are hard to pinpoint because of how casting is indexed. The shows are listed followed by episodes, roughly in chronological order starting with his first appearance. A small synopsis plus Sam's role is included where it could be found. Other names are included as a reference of the actors he often worked with. Uncredited or unknown means that he was either in a non-speaking role or was left out of the credits, common for some character actor appearances. This listing is more inclusive than either IMDB or Updated 07/12/2010.

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Dragnet (1951-58) (NBC)
dragnet badge
The Human Bomb (This was the first televised episode of the series, and one of only two that did not start with "The Big") (12/16/51) - A man threatens to blow up Los Angeles City Hall in an attempt to get his brother out of jail. Jack Webb, Barton Yarborough, Stacy Harris, Raymond Burr, Jack Kruschen, Sam Edwards as the bomber's convict brother
The Big Parrot (03/13/52) - Jack Webb, John Alvin, Frank Gerstle, Russ Conway, Sam Edwards
The Big Hate (02/12/53) - Jack Webb, Herb Vigran, George Sawaya, Sam Edwards
The Big Poison (02/18/54) - Jack Webb, Ralph Moody, Sam Edwards
The Big Bindle (12/09/54) - Jack Webb, Tony Barrett, Walter Sande, Aaron Spelling, Sam Edwards
The Big Irony (06/26/58) - Jack Webb, Shirley Mitchell, Sam Edwards
Space Patrol (KECA Los Angeles)
The Counterfeiting Puzzle (12/29/51) - Local Los Angeles weekly science fiction show. Ed Kemer, Lyn Osborn, Ken Mayer, Nina Bara, Sam Edwards as Eric Werner
The Red Skelton Show/Comedy Hour (1951-70) (CBS/NBC)
Sam was often used for incidental or background characters throughout the run of this show. Although he worked many times directly with Mr. Skelton, he noted that the host never called any of the crew or actors except for the biggest stars by their name, opting for "Hey you" or derivatives thereof. This is not meant to detract from his talent - just an observation of a sometimes aloof man. Skelton had a complex personality and a great mind for comedy, but he also was overtly personally affected if a show did not go over as well as he hoped with the audience, sometimes crying backstage. He usually left the theater directly after the last scene was shot. Finding specific episodes for Sam's Skelton appearances is a tedious job. There are five known episodes he was in that are listed here, but many more to be uncovered.
Ginger Rogers (11/24/64) - No synopsis available. Red Skelton, Ginger Rogers, Sam Edwards
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson (01/17/67) - No synopsis available. Red Skelton, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Sam Edwards as Paul Prudence in Clem sketch
Polly Bergen (11/21/67) - Red's Relatives. Red Skelton, Polly Bergen, Billy Barty, Sam Edwards as Parson in Bolivar Shagnasty sketch.
Autograph Hounds (10/28/69) - Hominy and True Grits sketch has Deadeye vs. Rooster Cogburn. The Silent Spot also includes Sam. Red Skelton, John Wayne, Sam Edwards
Godfrey Cambridge (11/16/70) - San Fernando Red and the football star. Silent spot: Diamond Jim Grady in a restaurant. Red Skelton, Godfrey Cambridge, Sam Edwards
You Are There (CBS)
The Capture of John Wilkes Booth (09/06/53) - An "eyewitness" account of the capture and death of Abraham Lincoln's assassin. Michael O'Connell, Tyler McVey, Ernest Sarracino, Ellen Corby, Claude Akins, DeForest Kelley, Lawrence Dobkin, Sam Edwards as Captain William Jett (credited as Samuel Edwards)
Spindletop--The First Texas Oil Strike, 1901 (12/04/55) - An "eyewitness" account of how the petroleum industry came into its own in Texas with the gusher at Spindletop in 1901. Parley Baer, Robert Bray, Jean Byron, DeForest Kelley, Tyler McVey, William Fawcett, Sam Edwards as Hotel Clerk
Gang Busters (CBS)
Alvin Karpis (1955) - Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents are called in to capture the notorious bank robber and kidnapper Alvin Karpis, the machine gun blasting thug who provides the muscle for the infamous Karpis-Barker gang. Federal heat forces Karpis from hideout to hideout but Karpis always stays one step of the FBI. The G-men play their trump card and, knowing that the gangster loves fishing, manage to track their quarry to popular pier. Paul Dubov as Alvin Karpis, Jean Harvey as Ma Barker, Sam Edwards as Fred Barker, Bill Baldwin as Lt. Fenton.
Homer Van Meter (1955) - Police pursue John Dillinger and his henchman, Homer Van Meter across the Midwest. On the run, Van Meter digs up loot hidden in glass jars, but is double-crossed by one of his underlings. Richard Crane as Homer Van Meter, Myron Healey as John Dillinger, Paul Dubov as Alvin Karpis, Jean Harvey as Ma Barker, Sam Edwards as Fred Barker.
I Love Lucy (CBS)
Lucy Meets the Queen (01/30/56) - Lucy is thrilled at being in London and desperate to see the Queen. She misses the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where she gets involved in the changing of the guard. Ricky is invited to meet the Royal Family when they attend a special performance at the Palladium. Lucy is not included in the invitation, but she has no intention of letting it go at that. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley, Sam Edwards as Bellboy
Christopher Closeup Series (Syndicated by the Christopher Organization media branch)
A Link in the Chain (06/30/57) - Dramatic account of a college professor at retirement questioning whether he has made a difference during his career, and memories of three students who affirm his success. Sam plays a star athlete faced with a difficult choice, asking the professor for guidance. James Cagney as Profressor Graham, Sam Edwards as Tom Gore
Whirlybirds (Desilu - Syndicated)
Seven Were Trapped (09/19/57) - The helicopter pilots aid in the rescue of seven miners trapped in a cave-in, getting them supplies, drills to the far side of the mountain. Unusual early television episode with mixed race cast playing miners, and featuring the helicopters, which were still releatively new to the public. Kenneth Tobey, Craig Hill, Nancy Hale, Ann Morrison, Sam Edwards as Third Miner. View episode.
General Electric Theater (CBS)
The Trail to Christmas (12/15/57) - Hosted by Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Stewart directed this TV adaptation. Miserly businessman Ebenezer Scrooge is visited on Christmas Eve by the ghost of his dead business partner Marley, who warns him that three more ghosts will appear during the night trying to show Scrooge the error of his ways. As the night wears on, he's visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. But will even they be enough to soften old Scrooge's heart? Sam Edwards as Bob Cratchit, John McIntire as Scrooge
The Unfamiliar (03/30/58) - Hosted by Ronald Reagan. Kevin Hagen, Philip Coolidge, Sylvia Field, Peggy Ann Garner, Burgess Meredith, Robert Stevenson, Sam Edwards as Farmhand
Trackdown (CBS)
The Witness (01/24/58) - Hoby Gilman, investigating the murder of a small-town storekeeper, follows a suspicious looking fur trapper into the wilderness. He comes upon a blind man, the only witness to the murder, who is half-crazed in his fear of being followed by the killer. Stuart Whitman, Robert Culp, Jacques Aubuchon, Harold J. Stone, Sam Edwards
Zane Grey Theater (CBS)
Debt of Gratitude (04/18/58) - Hosted by Dick Powell. Steve Cochran, James Whitemore, Walter Sande, Robert Ellenstein, Ellen Parker, Ben Wright and Sam Edwards as Wilt Buford
Blood Red (01/29/61) - Hosted by Dick Powell. Carolyn Jones, Paul Richards, Sterling Holloway, Hal Torey, Eddie Little Sky as Cherokee, Chief Yowlachie as Comanche, Charlie Briggs and Sam Edwards as Roustabouts
Gunsmoke (CBS)
Gunsmoke was the longest running drama ever broadcast, collectively 10 seasons on radio and 21 seasons on television. Between the two, Sam appeared on at least 109 episodes, most of them on radio. James Arness starred as Marshal Matt Dillon and Dennis Weaver as his assistant Chester Proudfoot.
Chester's Hanging (05/17/58) - A merchant is found hanged in his office and only Matt thinks it was murder. Is Chester responsible? Sam Edwards as Lee Binders
Gunsmuggler (09/27/58) - Matt is caught between the Army and the townspeople after an apparent Indian raid wipes out a family. Sam Edwards as Cowboy
Gypsum Hills Feud (12/27/58) - It's the Peavys vs. the Cades in a bloody mountain feud — and Matt and Chester walk into the middle of it. Sam Edwards as Ben Cade
Easy Come (10/26/63) - Elmo Sippy comes to town to start a one-man crime spree, leaving many victims in his wake as Matt pursues the source. Sam Edwards as Morff
The Pretender (11/20/65) - Frank and Edmund Dano arrive home after six years in prison for rustling cattle. Conflict with their family ensues, and suspcions arise as money is stolen from the Garden City stage shortly thereafter. Sam Edwards as Albert the Stage Driver
The Devil's Outpost (09/22/69) - Outlaw Yancy Tyce and his outlaw gang try to free Tyce's younger brother now under arrest and being taken to Dodge by Matt. Sam Edwards as Telegrapher
(Jake) MacGraw (12/08/69) - Ex-guman Jake MacGraw arrives in Dodge after spending 20 years in prison. The townspeople think he has come for revenge. Sam Edwards as Barfly
Eleven Dollars (10/30/72) - Festus makes a promise to look after Charity as a promise to Jeb, even though she would prefer to be on her own. At the same time he deals with a woman who many think he is to marry. Sam Edwards as 1st Wolfer
The Tarnished Badge (11/11/74) - Matt's friend, Sheriff Harker runs his town ruthlessly, punishing anyone disobeying him. Sam Edwards as Travis the Storekeeper
Steve Canyon (Universal - Syndicated)
Operation Mushroom (11/29/58) - Steve is assigned to pilot a plane that drops a test big one. This is a straightforward account of the preparation, dropping, and subsequent testing of an H-bomb and its aftereffects. Dan Fredericks, Jackson Beck, Paul Frees, Grandon Rhodes, Larry Thor, Sam Edwards as Major David
Alcoa-Goodyear Theater (CBS)
Corporal Hardy (02/16/59) - An old soldier reminisces about his Civil War heroics. This episode was EMMY nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. Lew Ayres, Tyle MacDuff, William Lundmark, Ezra Armstrong, James Anderson, Walter Coy, Sam Edwards as Soldier
Wanted: Dead or Alive (CBS)
The Corner (02/21/59) - Accused of killing a friend, bounty hunter Josh Randall tries to prove himself innocent. Steve McQueen, Rachel Ames, James Dobson, Don Gordon, William Phipps, John Damler, Sam Edwards as Abel the Telegraph Agent
Peter Gunn (NBC [later ABC])
The Lederer Story (03/16/59) - Mr. Lederer falls overboard on his yacht at night, and soon after his wife is poisoned, Gunn investigates. Craig Stevens, Herschel Bernardi, Otto Waldis, Roxanne Brooks, Margaret Muse, Roy Jensen, Jack Richardson, Tom McKee, Sam Edwards as Max
The Game (11/30/59) - Peter Gunn learns that The Game is an insurance company that practices paying thieves off to recover the stolen loot because it's cheaper than settling a claim at full value. Craig Stevens, Herschel Bernardi, Lola Albright, Robert Emhardt, Eddie Ryder, Sam Edwards as Jack Shap
The Murder Clause (03/28/60) - Gunn is hired by a woman who is afraid her husband may kill her. When the husband, a famous musician, is found dead the wife is the chief suspect-but the circumstances seem "out of key" to Gunn. Craig Stevens, Herschel Bernardi, Lola Albright, James Coburn, Bob Hopkins, Sam Edwards as Andy
Perry Mason (CBS)
The Case of the Spurious Sister (10/03/59) - Bruce Chapman returns home early from a business trip to find that his wife, Marie, wants a divorce. Chapman is upset and very surprised. Just before he had left for his trip, he thought he had found the strangled body of Marie in his office. He thought someone had done him a favor, and hoped the matter would be cleaned up before he came home. But now if Marie is still alive, who was that dead woman? Raymond Burr, Peggy Knudsen, S. John Launer, James Seay, Karl Weber, Sam Edwards as Cashier
Have Gun - Will Travel (CBS)
Shot by Request (10/10/59) - A well-dressed, middle-aged gentleman who is a reluctant gunfighter, hires Paladin for a very strange request. Richard Boone, John Abbott, Robert Gist, Sue Randall, Malcom Atterbury, Gregg Dunn, Barbara English, Sam Edwards as First Man
Laramie (NBC)
Man of God (12/01/59) - A priest comes to Wyoming on a mission - to bring peace between the Sioux and the white man. James Gregory, Douglas Kennedy, Kathleen O'Malley, Bill Williams, Sam Edwards
Playhouse 90 (CBS)
Dark December (04/30/59) - During the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, a military doctor takes over an ancient monatery and tries to turn it into a temporary hospital. Warren Beatty (debut), Richard Beymer as LeRoy Cadman, Paul Burke as Farley Matthews, Lili Darvas as Belgian Woman, Barry Sullivan as Captain Hobart Schuyler (Ski), James Whitmore as Major Abe Kasner, Sam Edwards as Lathrop
The Tunnel (12/10/59) - An award-winning story of escape during the Civil War, written by Richard Shaw. Richard Boone as Colonel Pleasants, Jason Wingreen as Blair, Jay Overholts as Little Bearers, Sam Edwards as Confederate Corporal, Stephen Chase as General Wilcox, Rip Torn as Lieutenant Douty, Sandy Kenyon as Martinson, S. John Launer as Warden
Full Circle (CBS)
Daytime Serial (1960-1961) - Dyan Cannon, Nancy Millard, Amzie Strickland, Sam Edwards in recurring role as Deputy
Black Saddle (ABC)
The Penalty (04/22/60) - After his brothers are killed in a shootout, a gunfighter decides to hang up his guns and uphold the law by becoming a lawyer. Peter Breck, Warren J. Kemmerling, James Franciscus, John Newton, Sam Edwards as Leo Brimsey
The Texan (CBS)
The Mountain Man (05/23/60) - Rory Calhoun, Duncan Lamont, Ken Mayer, Bud Osborne, Hal Smith, Sam Edwards
Klondike (NBC)
Klondike Fever (10/10/60) - The characters are introduced in this series opener as they rush to the Klondike in search of gold! Ralph Taeger, James Coburn, Mari Blanchard, Jo Lansing, Bob Tetrick, Ray Teal, Sam Edwards as Little Billie Leith
The Andy Griffith Show (CBS)
Christmas Story (12/19/60) - A modern-day Scrooge (businessman Ben Weaver) causes trouble on Christmas Eve for the Muggins family. Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Will Wright as Ben Weaver, Sam Edwards as Jim Muggins, Margaret Kerry as Bess Muggins, Joy Ellison as Ethie Muggins
Andy Forecloses (04/24/61) - Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Grumpy businessman Ben Weaver insists that Andy foreclose on a down-on-his-luck neighbor. (Note: The same family is used as in the Christmas episode, but has been renamed.) Will Wright as Ben Weaver, Sam Edwards as Lester Scoby, Margaret Kerry as Helen Scoby, Joy Ellison as Mary Scoby
The Bazaar (10/11/65) - Warren, enforcing a gambling ordinance to the letter of the law, arrests Aunt Bee and her women friends for running a Bingo game. Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jack Burns as Warren Ferguson, Sam Edwards as Fred
The Lodge (09/19/66) - Who in the world blackballed a nice guy like Howard Sprague from joining the Mayberry lodge with the great name of the Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship. Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jack Dodson, George Lindsey, Burt Mustin, Mabel Albertson, Sam Edwards as Tom Bedlow
The Barbershop Quartet (09/26/66) - Andy realizes that he should not have allowed a prisoner to join the Mayberry barbershop quartet, when the young man escapes. Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jack Dodson, George Lindsey, Burt Mustin, Blackie Hunt, Sam Edwards as Tom Bedlow
Thriller (NBC)
The Poisoner (01/10/61) - A man in nineteenth century England disposes of his family members one by one - his weapon of choice? - an undetectable poison concealed within his ring. Hosted by Boris Karloff. Murray Matheson, Sarah Marshall, Brenda Forbes, Jennifer Raine, Maurice Dallimore, Sam Edwards as Charles Larrimore
Whispering Smith (NBC)
The Hemp Reeger Case (07/17/61) - Smith captures a jail-breaking outlaw near the Wyoming border and asks a small town sheriff to board the criminal overnight. Smith plans to set off with his prisoner for Denver in the morning, but the local lawman has other plans for his temporary prisoner and the silver bullion that the crook has stashed nearby. Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell, Patricia Medina, James Best, Edward Platt, Sam Edwards as Deputy Sheriff
Straightaway (ABC)
The Tin Caesar (10/13/61) - A story about a corrupt small town sheriff. John Ashley, Brian Kelly, Neville Brand, Jess Kirkpatrick, Sam Edwards
Dick Powell Theater (NBC)
Goodbye Hannah (11/21/61) - Powell served as host and, in early shows at least, occasional star in this dramatic anthology. It was his last television series and contained his last filmed acting. Dick Powell, Carolyn Jones, William Berger, Hugh Sanders, Addison Richards, Sam Edwards as Man
Wagon Train (NBC)
The Martin Onyx Story (01/03/62) - John McIntire, Robert Horton, Frank McGrath, Denny Miller, Terry Wilson, Jack Warden, Sam Edwards as Billy Bales
The Nancy Davis Story (05/16/62) - Ward Bond, John McIntire, Robert Horton, Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath, Denny Miller, Michael Burns, Robert Anderson, Cloris Leachman, Russell Collins, Sam Edwards
The Davey Baxter Story (01/09/63) - Ward Bond, John McIntire, Robert Horton, Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath, Denny Miller, Michael Burns, Tommy Sands, Charles Herbert, Sam Edwards as Forbes
The Cassie Vance Story (12/23/63) - While traveling on the train with her husband and young son, Cassie Vance nurses the ill wife of another passenger when his savings mysteriously are found to be missing. When it is revealed that Cassie once served time in prison, her husband is hurt and angry, and her guilt seems certain. Ward Bond, John McIntire, Robert Horton, Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath, Denny Miller, Robert Fuller, Michael Burns, Harry Holcombe, Laraine Day, Richard Carlson, John Harmon, Beverly Washburn, Barry Atwater, Kevin Corcoran, Adriene Marden, Sam Edwards as Hollis Ames
Hazel (NBC)
Dorothy's Birthday (03/15/62) - Hazel gives up her day off to prepare food for Dorothy's luncheon. Shirley Booth, Don DeFore, Whitney Blake, Bobby Buntrock, Joan Banks, Sam Edwards as Fred
Campaign Manager (03/15/62) - Hazel convinces George to run for city councilman. Shirley Booth, Don DeFore, Whitney Blake, Bobby Buntrock, James Flavin, Harold Gould, Sam Edwards
The Wide Country (NBC)
Journey Down a Dusty Road (10/04/62) - Part of the adventures of Mitch Guthrie, a championship rodeo rider, and the people he comes in contact with. Earl Holliman as Mitch Guthrie, Andrew Prine as Andy Guthrie, Wallace Ford as Dad Perry, Nellie Burt as Gram Perry, Roger Mobley as Billy-Joe Perry, Sam Edwards as Paul Perry, Nesdon Booth as Clyde Grainget
Rod Rocket (Syndicated)
(1963) A series of educational cartoons set in space, and presented in five minute segments that created 25 minute story arcs. This was the first product acquired by Filmation. Sam Edwards as Rod Rocket, Joey, and other voices, Hal Smith as Professor Argus and other voices, Pat Blake as Cassie
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (NBC)
You'll Be the Death of Me (10/18/63) - A woman becomes the target of her murderous spouse after she finds a button from one of his victims. Hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. Robert Loggia, Pilar Seurat, Sondra Blake, Barry Atwater, Carmen Phillips, Sam Edwards as Bartender
The Virginian (NBC)
The Virginian was unique in that it was one of the first Westerns to be filmed in color for TV, and each episode was 90 minutes long (broadcast with commercials) instead of the usual hour. Various combinations of the shows stars appeared in each episode. They include James Drury, in the title role, Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth, Randy Boone, Gary Clarke, Clu Gulager, Doug McClure, Diane Roter, and Roberta Shore.
Stopover in a Western Town (11/27/63) - Caroline and her Aunt Grace visit Medicine Bow on their way from San Francisco to New York. Caroline falls in love with the Virginian who generally ignores her but a Shiloh hand, Jefferson Tolliver, becomes smitten with her and she encourages Tolliver's advances in order to make the Virginian jealous. Joan Freeman, Lillian Bronson, Dick York, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
A Time Remembered (12/11/63) - Accompanied by her secretary, opera singer Elena comes to Medicine Bow to perform. Judge Garth recognizes here as someone he knew years before and is clearly attracted to her. A man named Carl Elston arrives in town and is shot by Elena who claims he is a stranger who tried to force his attentions on her. Yvonne DeCarlo, Melinda Plowman, Ross Elliot, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
The Invaders (01/01/64) - Wealthy Mike Tyrone and his men invade Medicine Bow in the hope of building an empire. Their first step: forcing local ranchers to sell out. Ed Begley, Paul Comi, Roy Engle, Terry Frost, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
The Long Quest (04/08/64) - The Virginian is friends with Mary Ann and her young son Cricket who live near Shiloh ranch. A detective named Corbett and his client, Judith, claim that Cricket is actually Holly's son and that she wants him back. The Virginian attempts to ferret out the truth. Patricia Breslin, Casey Peters, Ruta Lee, Joseph Campanella, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
The Brazos Kid (10/21/64) - Samantha, who has been fired from many newspapers for her fictitious stories, arrives in Medicine Bow where she works for the newspaper while being courted by the Virginian and Emmett Ryker. In a series of articles for the Police Gazette about a legendary but supposedly dead outlaw called the Brazos Kid, her hints that he is still alive bring many interested parties to Medicine Bow to find him. Barbara Eden, Skip Homeier, Frank Sully, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
All Nice and Legal (11/25/64) - Victoria comes to Medicine Bow to set up a law practice but encounters resistance from those who don't accept a woman lawer. The Virginian reluctantly has Victoria represent him in a court dispute with a saddle-maker, and romance soon emerges. Victoria Greenley, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
A Man of the People (12/23/64) - A number of settlers camp on land they say has been promised to them but that Judge Garth and others traditionally have leased from the government for grazing cattle. The land settlement has been promoted by Congressman Cosgrove, who had read law with the Judge 30 years before, and they are on opposing sides for the case. James Dunn, Martin West, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
Lost Yesterday (02/03/65) - A man dies due to a gunshot wound but not before he reveals to his sweetheart, Clara, that money from a robbery is hidden near Medicine Bow. Faking suicide to escape the rest of the gang, Clara takes the stage to Medicine Bow along with one other passenger, the Virginian. In a stage accident she is injured and the Virginian takes her to Shiloh Ranch to be nursed by Betsy while recovering from amnesia. It is there that the gang of theives discovers she is still alive. Shirley Knight, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
Shadows of the Past (02/24/65) - Emmett Ryker's good friend, storekeeper John Conway, is to marry a woman he met in San Francisco after a very short courtship. When his fiancée, Ritam comes to Medicine Bow, their relationship becomes strained because of her unwillingness to consider having children. She turns to the bottle and it is clear she is haunted by some event in her past. Jack Warden, Marilyn Erskin, John Milford, James Beck, Frank Sully, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
Legacy of Hate (09/14/66) - John Grainger and his grandchildren move to Shiloh after he purchases the ranch from Judge Garth. Besides developing a relationship with his new employees, Grainger is faced with a neighbor who blames him for the loss of her husband. Her and her ambitious foreman try to force him off the ranch. Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
The Girl on the Pinto (03/29/67) - On the range Trampas spots a girl riding a pinto whom he has seen before but whom no one believes exists including the Virginian. Bert Robinson has just been released after serving four years in prison for robbery and is accused of trying to plot another robbery of silver bullion with Richard Pierce. Amanda tells Trampas that she is adopted, that her real father was a notorious outlaw and killer named Loomis, and that she believes she inherited his badness. It is then that Pierce's identity is revealed and Bert's motives as well. Valora Noland, Vivi Janiss, R.G. Armstrong, Warren Stevens, Sandy Kenyon, Ken Mayer, Don Stewart, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
The Strange Quest of Claire Bingham (04/12/67) - Ryker befriends a nurse who thinks an accused murderer is her long-lost brother. Don Quine, Cal Bartlett, John Bryant, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
Star Crossed (09/04/67) - Ryker sidesteps the law to help a robbery suspect plagued by a blackmailing Shiloh hand. Clu Gulager, Don Quine, Sara Lane, Stacy Harris, Sam Edwards as Hank the Hotel Clerk
A Woman of Stone (12/17/69) - The Shiloh people unwittingly stir up the past when they shelter the son and white widow of a Shoshone. John McIntire, Sara Lane, Tim Matheson, Charles Drake, Harper Flaherty, Sam Edwards as Will Frazee
Temple Houston (NBC)
Seventy Times Seven (12/05/63) - Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam, Chubby Johnson, Ida Mary Wickes, James Almanzar, Karl Swenson, Marshall Bradford, Susanne Cramer, Steven Ihnat, Robert Rothwell, Dan Stafford, Simon Scott, Charles R. Radilac, Walter Mathews, Sam Edwards as Bartender
Death Valley Days (McGowan Productions - Syndicated)
From the Earth, A Heritage (10/08/64) - Mountain man Joe Meek, married to an Indian woman, goes on a binge and she finds him flirting with a dance-hall girl. When he returns home, Joe realizes what he has done and sets out after his wife, saving her life from another less tolerant man. Hosted by Ronald Reagan. John Alderson, Peter Whitney, Marianna Hill, Vidi Raaf, Dick Wessel, Perry Cook, Sam Edwards as Les
Ben Casey (ABC)
Kill the Dream But Spare the Dreamer (11/30/64) - Vince Edwards, Harry Landers, Sam Jaffe, Stella Stevens, Nick Dennis, Jeanne Bates, Darren McGavin, Peggy McCay, John Harding, Allan Melvin, James Hayward, Sam Edwards, Robert Ball, Rupert Crosse, John Lawrence
Petticoat Junction (CBS)
A Borderline Story (03/16/65) - Surveyors discover that Shady Rest straddles the county border and Uncle Joe plans to play this up as a sure-fire tourist attraction. Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, Frank Cady, Smiley Burdette, Linda Henning, Milton Frome, J. Edward McKinley, William Bakewell, Murray Alper, Sam Edwards as Ned Balsam
All Sales Final (12/30/67) - Steve and Betty Jo each buy new furniture for their home without telling the other about it. Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, Frank Cady, Smiley Burdette, Linda Henning, Mike Minor, William O'Connell, Sam Edwards as Clerk
Jonny Quest Animated. Season One only in prime-time (ABC)
The Quetong Missile Mystery (02/11/65) Dr. Quest discovers a secret missile in a swamp when he is asked to investigate some unusual fish deaths. Tim Matheson, Don Messick, Danny Bravo, Mike Road, Sam Edwards.
The House of the Seven Gargoyles (02/18/65) A spy disguised as a gargoyle is after a new anti-gravity device. Tim Matheson, Don Messick, Danny Bravo, Mike Road, Sam Edwards.
Terror Island (02/25/65) In Hong Kong, Race turns to Jezebel Jade for help when a scientist who has perfected a process to enlarge animals kidnaps Dr. Quest. Tim Matheson, Don Messick, Danny Bravo, Mike Road, Sam Edwards.
Monster in the Monastery (03/04/65) The Quests travel to a tiny village where the natives live in fear of terrifying snow creatures. Tim Matheson, Don Messick, Danny Bravo, Mike Road, Sam Edwards, Henry Corden.
The Sea Haunt A Dutch freighter is reported missing and the VERTOL crew investigates what becomes a mystery and a dangerous sea creature. (03/11/65)
The Flintstones Hanna-Barbera. Animated. (NBC)
The Flintstones was the most successful and syndicated cartoon series until The Simpsons appeared. Note how many graduates of Old Time Radio appear as both primary and guest voices. This show was from the sixth and final season of the prime-time run.
The House That Fred Built (09/24/65) When Wilma gets a letter from her mother saying that she is moving in with her favorite son-in-law and his wife, Fred begins refurbishing a dilapidated shack to house Mrs. Slaghoople. But soon Wilma learns that he mother was not referring to Fred, but her other daughter's husband. Fred is delighted, until he realizes how much he spent on the shack. Alan Reed as Fred Flintstone, Jean Vander Pyl as Wilma/Pebbles Flintstone, Mel Blanc as Barney Rubble/Alex, Bea Benaderet as Betty Rubble, Janet Waldo(?) as Mrs. Slaghoople, Don Messick as Bamm Bamm/Monkey/Announcer/Bird, Sam Edwards as Mailman/Agent/Marv
Laredo (NBC)
Yahoo (09/30/65) - A New Hampshire deputy constable named Clendon Macmillan comes to Laredo intending to improve the quality of the average Ranger. He is sent out with Reese, Chad, and Joe to track Running Antelope and Linda Little Trees. Neville Brand, Peter Brown, Philip Carey, William Smith, Shelley Morrison, Martin Milner, Cliff Osmond, Dub Taylor, Marianne Gordon, Bill Walker, John Mitchum, X Brands, William Vaughan, Sam Edwards as Sammy
Green Acres (CBS)
Parity Begins at Home (11/24/65) - Oliver learns that he will be fined if he plants only wheat in his fields without a permit. Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Frank Cady, Pat Buttram, Howard Wendell, Henry Scott, Tom Fadden, Kay E. Kuter, Walter Baldwin, Jesse White, Alvy Moore, Sam Edwards as Wally Wilkins
The Man For the Job (09/06/67) - Oliver is selected as a possible candidate to be the next state senator. Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Frank Cady, Pat Buttram, Vinton Hayworth, Guy Raymond, J. Pat O'Malley, Edgar Buchanan, Rufe Davis, Sam Edwards as Wally Dunbar
The Road West (NBC)
This Savage Land (Pilot episodes - parts 1 and 2) (09/12/66 - 9/19/66) - A story of the westward trek from Ohio to Kansas, early tussles in a hostile frontier town, and the courtship and marriage between widower Ben Pride and fellow homesteader Elizabeth Reynolds, whose father is murdered by vigilantes. The combined episodes were later released as a feature film. Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott, Kelly Corcoran, Charles Seel, Glenn Corbett, John Drew Barrymore, Roy Roberts, Katherine Squire, Charles Gray, Rex Holman, George C. Scott (part 2 only), Sam Edwards (part 2 only)
Long Journey to Leavenworth (10/17/66) - Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott, Kelly Corcoran, Charles Seel, Glenn Corbett, Geoffry Horne, Robert F. Simon, E.J. Andre, Don Dubbins, Ron Russell, Hal Baylor, John Pickard, Sam Edwards as Clerk
The Invaders (ABC)
Vikor (02/14/67) - A dying telephone lineman's fantastic story leads Vincent to investigate a huge industrial complex owned by a famous war hero. Hank Simms and William Woodson (Narrators), Kent Smith, Roy Thinnes, Jack Lord, Diana Hyland, Alfred Ryder, Richard O'Brien, Joe DiReda, Sam Edwards as Hank
Dark Outpost (10/24/67) - While investigating the Invaders susceptibility to minor human ailments, Vincent unknowingly is taken aboard an alien spacecraft. Hank Simms and William Woodson (Narrators), Kent Smith, Roy Thinnes, Dawn Wells, Andrew Prine, Tim McIntire, Whit Bissell, William Sargent, Kelly Jean Peters, Tom Lowell, Susan Davis, William Wintersole, Sam Edwards as Thatcher
Dragnet (1967-1970) (NBC)
The Masked Bandits (02/16/67) - Four bandits wearing red masks commit a series of robberies. Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Ron Russell, Virginia Vincent, Art Gilmore, Robert Brubaker, Sam Edwards as Mr. Ashton
The Pyramid Swindle (11/30/67) - A female con-artist uses an evangelistic approach to lure buyers into her pyramid scheme. The Bunco division can't charge her with false advertising, so they prosecute her for operating a lottery. Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Virginia Gregg as Bonnie Bates, Sam Edwards as Mr. Black
The Squeeze (02/22/68) - An ex-con accused of extortion is interrogated. He calmly and smugly insists that he is innocent, but Friday and Gannon have a surprise for him: taped conversations and a voice analysis device. Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Sam Edwards as voice on phone.
Homicide - DR-06 (10/24/68) - Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Sam Edwards as George
Frauds - DR-36 (04/10/69) - Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Anthony Eisley, Chanin Hale, Bert Holland, Natalie Masters, Chet Stratton, David Carlile, Sam Edwards as Steve Houseman
Burglary - The Son (02/05/70) - Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Sam Edwards as Henry Lipscomb
Narco - Pill Maker (02/19/70) - Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Sam Edwards as Fred Watkins
The F.B.I. (ABC)
The Contaminator (12/04/66) - Lawrence Underwood absorbed a fatal dose of radiation in the lab accident. He goes on to contaminate all he meets. (Note that this is not real science, since radiation is not passed from a person with radiation poisoning.) Efram Zimbalist Jr., Phillip Abbott, Stephen Brooks, Linden Chiles, Sarah Marshall, William Sargent, William Stevens, George Brenlin, Frank Marth, Allison Hayes, Sam Edwards
Blood Verdict (10/08/67) - A woman hides out from a criminal who uses acid on his victims. Efram Zimbalist Jr., Phillip Abbott, Stephen Brooks, William Reynolds, R.G. Armstrong, Robert Doyle, Robert F. Lyons, Ken Smith, Mario Alcalde, Pilar Seurag, John Graham, Norma Crane, James McCallion, Sam Edwards as Jerry
Felony Squad (ABC)
The Pat Hand of Death (10/19/67) - A player in a poker game aboard a yacht bets his life and loses, and Jim and a policewoman pose as high rollers to enter the game and nail the killers. Ben Alexander, Barney Phillips, Dennis Cole, Frank Maxwell, Howard Duff, Dan Tobin, Pamela Curran, Leon Askin, Ivan Triesault, Richard Bull, Maurine Dawson, Lawrence Dane, Sam Edwards as John Chambers
The Wild Wild West (CBS)
The Night of the Death Masks (01/26/68) - An escaped murderer plots a bizarre scheme against agent James West, the man who had imprisoned him several years earlier. Attacked and knocked unconscious, West awakens in a stange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Stark. Gordon searches for his lost partner and soon finds himself in a similar predicament. West and Gordon must avoid deception to find and take out the real Stark. Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, Charles Aidman, Milton Selzer, Patricia McCormack, Sam Edwards as Station Master
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (CBS)
Sergeant Iago (02/16/68) - Gomer tries to make Lou-Ann jealous by having Carter tell her he is seeing other women. Jim Nabors, Frank Sutton, Ronnie Schell, Elizabeth MacRae, William Christopher, John Considine, Nickie Blair, Stacy King, Diane Davis, Sam Edwards as Mr. Engelhart
The Guns of Will Sonnett (ABC)
Joby (11/01/68) - A peaceable small town begins to experience an unusual amount of fighting. Walter Brennan, Dack Rambo, Jason Evers, Strother Martin, David McLean, Paul Sorensen, Sam Edwards as Ed - Clerk
Time is the Rider (01/10/69) - To obtain the cooperation of James Sonnett, three stagecoach robbers take Jeff hostage. Walter Brennan, Dack Rambo, Jason Evers, Douglas Fowley, Allen Jaffe, James Griffith, Joe Higgins, Sam Edwards as Telegrapher
Mayberry R.F.D. (CBS)
Sam Gets a Ticket (12/07/68) - Sam plans to fight a traffic ticket he got in Mt. Pilot. Ken Berry, Jack Dodson, Frances Bavier, Emmett Clark, George Lindsay, Don Keefer, Charles Lampkin, Sam Edwards as Clerk
Lassie (CBS)
A Chance to Live (01/26/69) - On a trek through the Oregon rainforest, Lassie and her master discover a careless camper who has leaked oil into a stream, endangering hundreds of ducks on their seasonal flight. The Ranger and Lassie teach the camper a conservation lesson he won't soon forget. Robert Bray, Lassie, Sam Edwards as Ross the camper
The Mod Squad (ABC)
A Run for the Money (03/11/69) - Pete falls for Ginny, who believes her jailed father is innocent of robbery. Michael Cole, Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III, Tige Andrews, Lesley Ann Warren, Tom Bosley, Ed McNamara, Robert F. Hoy, Lee Duncan, Sam Edwards as Trustee
Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes (11/16/71) - Michael Cole, Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III, Tige Andrews, Lance Taylor Sr., Lee De Broux, Renny Roker, Priscilla Garcia, Tina Menard, Frank Farmer, Sam Edwards
Lancer (CBS)
The Measure of a Man (04/08/1969) - Strangely enough, it is Johnny, an untaught ex-gunfighter, who serves as a substitute teacher. He is helping a school marm prove the value of education to ranchers dead set against sending their children to school. James Stacy, Wayne Maunder, Andrew Duggan, Elizabeth Baur, Paul Brinegar, Victor French, Ron Howard, Julie Sommars, Roger Perry, Craig Hundley, Sam Edwards as Desk Clerk
Mannix (CBS)
A Question of Midnight (10/25/69) - Mannix reopens a malpractice case against opposition. Mike Connors, Gail Fisher, Tom Troupe, Lee Meriwether, John Howard, Barbara Babcock, Barbara Bosson, Logan Ramsey, Vivi Janiss, Sam Edwards as Silas Cooper
Shadow Play (03/06/71) - A mob financier's wife dies in a hit-and-run accident. Mike Connors, Gail Fisher, John Vernon, Jan Murray, Julie Gregg, Lew Brown, Bert Kramer, Larry Watson, Sam Edwards as Prescott
To Quote a Dead Man (02/25/73) - Someone is trying to kill a bum for his "coat of many colors." Mike Connors, Gail Fisher, Jack Ging, Lloyd Bochner, Barbara Babcock, David Wayne, Peggy Rea, Byron Mabe, Brendan Dillon, Maurice Marsac, Sam Edwards as Hobo
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (ABC)
Not So Desperate Hours (10/30/69) - Carolyn regrets a disagreement with the Captain when three desperadoes invade Gull Cottage and she needs his help. It is a play on the original The Desperate Hours. Guy Marks, Elisha Cook Jr, Bern Hoffman, Bill Baldwin, Sam Edwards as Elmer
Name of the Game (NBC)
High Card (12/05/69) - A U.S. Senator claims to have photographic proof that Howard was the man who tipped off the Cubans about the Bay of Pigs. Barry Sullivan, Martine Beswick, John Colicos, Gene Raymond, Paul Steward, Sam Edwards
Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon (10/02/70) - Cynthia is a reclusive jet-setter who has of late become a political activist. She refuses all interviews and keeps hidden in a rambling house on the island of Avalon. At the urging of his pal, reporter Paul Tyler decides to make a name for himself by getting the exclusive story on Cynthia. Robert Culp, Barbara Feldon, Mickey Rooney, Tom Skerritt, Sam Edwards
Adam-12 (NBC)
Log 143: Cave (12/13/69) - Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Gary Crosby, William Boyett, Kathleen O'Malley, Bing Russell, Sam Edwards as Elvin Brady
Log 135: Arson (12/05/70) - Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Gary Crosby, William Boyett, Mary Grace Canfield, Charles Wagenheim, Mantan Moreland, Pauline Drake, William Henry, Howard Wendell, Sam Edwards as Hal Rosten
The Surprise (11/15/72) - Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Gary Crosby, William Boyett, Felton Perry, Victor Campos, Don Stroud, William Wellman Jr., Sam Edwards as Suspect
Training Division (11/07/73) - A rookie cop with a "know-it-all" attitude presents problems for the officers on the force. He bungles the arrest of an elderly man suspected of holding up a bank, where the man did not display a weapon, only a note. He makes further errors when a bomber is sniffed out by a police dog. The rookie's effectivness for quick decision making is brought into question. Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Gary Crosby, William Boyett, John Elerick, Jo E. Tata, Arthur Peterson, Bill Elliot, Inez Pedroza, Sam Edwards
Skywatch: Part 2 (03/05/74) - Reed and Malloy are assigned to the Air Support Division of LAPD, pursuing a light plane that flies into the path of a 727, track down a homicide suspect, and assist in a high speed auto chase. They need to track down four robbers who flee in different directions, and Malloy is led to a burning building by Reed after spotting a residential house fire. Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Gary Crosby, William Boyett, William Stevens, James W. Gavin, Julie Bennett, Claude Johnson, Jack Hogan, Sam Edwards as Harvey Pollard (voice only)
That Girl (ABC)
She Didn't Have the Vegas Notion (Part II) (12/18/69) - In Las Vegas, Marty pulls a scheme to make it seem like Donald had married a starlet. Ann and Donald find out about the trick and decide to get back at Marty having him think Don intends to commit suicide. Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Jack Cassidy, Hope Holiday, Allen Davis, Bill McLean, Lillian Field, Sam Edwards as Harold (says "That Girl!" in the teaser)
Then Came Bronson (NBC)
The Gleam of the Eagle Mind (01/21/70) - When eccentric painter Juan Longorio paints a mural of a naked woman on the side of a barn it places him and Bronson in trouble with the owner, Sid Casper, and the city locals. Still, more problematic than defacing private property, the painting causes emotional anguish to Sid, the deputy sheriff Hud McCarver, and Will Hudson, because they all think the painting is a picture perfect representation of their respective wives. Art dealer Mr. Willoughby enters the scene and sheds new light on the dilemma. Michael Parks, Jay Novello, John Dehner, Jan Shepard, Richard Webb, Lou Cutell, Sam Edwards as Will Hudson
The Bold Ones: The Senator (NBC)
The Day the Lion Died (10/04/70) - Stowe fears that a respected patriarch of the Senate is on his last legs. This episode (one of only 8 for the sub-series) won an Emmy Award for director Daryl Duke (The Thorn Birds). Hal Holbrook, Sharon Acker, Cindy Eilbacher, Michael Tolan, Frank Maxwell, Ann Droan, Will Geer, Peter Brocco, Sam Edwards
Ironside (NBC)
This Could Blow Your Mind (12/17/70) - Ironside attends a hospital for psychological evaluation, and while he is questioning each of the psychiatrist's theories, a crook is attempting to use the situation to find out the whereabouts of a police informer. With assistants Mark and Eve on vacation, however, there is just Ed to help the Chief, and a whole city to search through for clues. Raymond Burr, Barbara Anderson, Don Mitchell, Don Galloway, Sam Edwards
Dan August (ABC)
Dead Witness to a Killing (01/28/71) - An eyewitness to a murder committed by an ambitious assistant DA is killed by a sniper. Burt Reynolds (his first TV series), Richard Anderson, Ned Romero, Ena Hartmann, Norman Fell, Martin Sheen, Monte Markham, Sam Edwards
O'Hara, United States Treasury (CBS)
Operation Time Fuse (10/15/1971) - James O'Hara, a small-town sheriff, is recruited by the US Treasury's Bureau of Customs. David Janssen, Dave Shaw, Sheridan Lee, Harley Buchanan, Jackson Croft, Vince Howard, Kenneth Washington, Paul Peterson, Sam Edwards as Oscar Sims
Mission: Impossible (CBS)
Encore (09/25/71) - In order to bring down Kroll and Stevens of the Northeast Syndicate, the IMF attempts to get Kroll to lead them to the remains of a body they buried in 1937. They grab and drug Kroll, then cosmetically alter him to look like he was then, dumping him on a Hollywood set to convince him it is the day of the 1937 murder and that the rest of his life is a dream. Note that this is a rare TV episode that reunited former Star Trek leads William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Lynda Day George, Sam Elliot, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner as Kroll, Michael Baseleon as Stevens, Sam Edwards as Drunk
Cannon (CBS)
Country Blues (10/05/71) - A wry tale with a twang and a twist: was the country singer's plane crash accidental or not? William Conrad, Clu Gulager, Joan Van Ark, Mark Hamill, Diane Varsi, David Huddleston, Richard Peabody, Tony Cotti, Robert Hogan, Sam Edwards as Airport Manager
Trial by Terror (11/21/73) - A mob boss on trial has the judge's daughter kidnapped. William Conrad, Simon Scott, Mark Miller, Ray Danton, Stewart Moss, Ned Romero, Keith Andes, Laurence Haddon, Anne Randall, Sam Edwards
Killer On the Hill (01/29/75) - A contractor refuses to pay bribes, and is accused of plotting a political asassination. William Conrad, Michael Tolan, Brooke Bundy, Lawrence Pressman, George DiCenzo, Milton Selzer, Sidney Clute, Ken Lynch, William Bryant, Sam Edwards
Bearcats! (CBS)
Hostages (10/14/71) - As revenge for his father's hanging five years before, an ex-convict kidnaps a priest and demands a town to hang one of its citizens. Dennis Cole, Rod Taylor, Ed Flanders, David Canaray, Erin Moran, Sam Edwards as Charlie Doyle
McCloud (NBC)
A Little Plot, a Tranquil Valley (01/12/72) - Black market medicine is diluted and sent south of the border by the director of a cemetery. Dennis Weaver, Allen Garfield, Burgess Meredith, Vic Morrow, Joyce Van Patten, Moses Gunn, Alfred Ryder, Lonny Chapman, Arlene Martel, Bruce Kirby, Jack Edwards, Sam Edwards as Johnson
The Rookies (ABC)
Dead, Like a Lost Dream (9/18/72) - The internal affairs workers at the station are getting word of police shakedowns. They order an investigation to take place, with Lieutenant Ryker's rookies, Danko, Webster, and Gillis, under suspicion as suspects. Georg Stanford Brown, Kate Jackson, Sam Melville, Michael Ontkean, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Dane Clark, Tom Tully, Mark Slade, William Mims, Sam Edwards
Lots of Trees and a Running Stream (12/02/73) - Jill is confronted by her past when a former lover of hers appears at her home. Mike is currently out of town. The unanticipated visitor gives the impression that he is fatally ill, thereby luring Jill into becoming involved with him, despite her uncertainty. Only after a period of time does Jill realize the great lengths this former lover will go to try to get her back and claim her as his own. Georg Stanford Brown, Kate Jackson, Sam Melville, Michael Ontkean, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Richard Hatch, Olive Sturgess, Olan Soule, Annette O'Toole, Sam Edwards as Second Clerk
Death at 6 A.M. (10/07/74) - Four young people out for excitement in a stolen pickup become fugitives from the law when their fun turns into murder and robbery. Rookie Chris Owens is on the case after his partner is killed, but Chris wonders whether the dangers of police life are worth it. Georg Stanford Brown, Kate Jackson, Sam Melville, Michael Ontkean, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Bruce Fairbairn, Sam Edwards
Hawaii Five-O (CBS)
Fools Die Twice (10/17/72) - Army computer technician Jack Gulley kidnaps a scientist and then uses a planned heist by three accomplices on a military base to divert Five-O's attention from his sale of the scientist to the highest bidder. For those who have wondered, this series was shot entirely in Hawaii, with guest stars either flown over there or used while vacationing there. Jack Lord, James McArthur, Zulu, Kam Fong, Clu Gulager, Michael Conrad, Anita Alberts, John Farias, Albert Harris, Thomas Norton, Wright Esser, Ted Nobriga, Sam Edwards as Johnny Arnett
Here Today, Gone Tonight (01/23/73) - Five-O has a suspect for a murder, but they have one problem. How can the suspect have been in two places at the same time? Jack Lord, James McArthur, Zulu, Kam Fong, Monte Markham, Sandra Smith, Madlyn Rhue, Douglas Kennedy, George Oshiro, Clarence Garcia, Douglas Mossman, Lawrence Montaigne, Sam Peters, Sam Edwards
Hec Ramsey (NBC)
Hangman's Wages (10/29/72) - The electric chair is about to make its Western debut with a captured killer, but someone is attempting to cheat justice. Someone is making annonymous threats that there will be a murder a day until the killer is set free. Steve Forrest, Stella Stevens, Lee H. Montgomery, Abner Biberman, Murry Matheson, Sam Edwards
The Streets of San Francisco (ABC)
Legion of the Lost (04/12/73) - Stone and Keller look into the beating death of three homeless men. Note that while filming this episode Sam was nearly thrown off the set by security as his demeanor and appearance were so convincing. Karl Malden, Michael Douglas, Jeannie Stone, Leslie Neilsen, Dean Stockwell, Karen Carlson, Tom Troupe, Al Nabandian, David Fresco, Eddie Firestone, Sam Edwards as Bum.
A String of Puppets (02/07/74) - Lola Falana, Roger E. Mosley, Claude Akins, James Sloyan, Hari Rhodes, Sam Edwards as Wino
Hot Dog (12/09/76) - Inpector Stone and Robbins go after a gang of thieves who use motor cycles to make there get away. Don Johnson, Gerald McRaney, Darleen Carr, Mario Roccuzzo, Lester Fletcher, Terry Wills, Sam Edwards as Roger
Griff (Wade Griffin) (ABC)
The Last Ballad (11/10/73) - Griff investigates the death of a rock singer after an abortion when Griff's friend Dr. Martha Reed is held by the police. Lorne Greene, Ben Murphy, Vic Tayback, Gracie Newcombe, William Windom, Kim Hunter, Charles Robinson, Joanna Frank, Corinne Camacho, Sam Edwards
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (ABC)
(1973-1974) - Hanna-Barbera Animated series. Barbera notes that the series should have been more succesful, and may have been if not poorly animated by the contracted animation studio. Tom Bosley, Kristina Hollan, David Hayward, Joan Gerber, Jack Burns, Sam Edwards as various voices.
These Are the Days (ABC)
(1974) - Animated series. No specific plots known. Note all of the old-time radio and movie stars providing voices for this short-lived series. Jack Haley, Henry Jones, Frank Cady, Andrew Parks, Pamelyn Ferdin, Irene Tedrow, Michele Tobin, Vic Perrin, Micky Dolenz, June Foray, William Schallert, Lurene Tuttle, Virginia Gregg, June Lockhart, Don Messick, Paul Winchell, Janet Waldo, Sam Edwards as various voices.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (ABC)
The Devil's Platform (11/15/74) - Mysterious deaths follow the campaign trail of Senator Robert Palmer — as does a mysterious black dog with a pentagram for a dog tag. Darren McGavin, Ruth McDevitt, Simon Oakland, Tom Skerritt, Ellen Weston, Staley Adams, Jeanne Cooper, Julie Gregg, Jack Grinnage, John Dennis, Sam Edwards as Mailman
Barnaby Jones (CBS)
Time to Kill (11/26/74) - After a party host Colby Lassiter advances the clock unnoticed and gives George Weatherly a narcotic. Then he disappears to steal a precious diamond from the house of his guest. But everything goes wrong: First he kills a guard, then a treacherous diamond cutter. Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriwether, Laurence Luckinbill, Ellen Weston, Kaz Garas, Kent Smith, Val Avery, Than Wyenn, Maurice Marsac, Shirley O'Hara, Dan Barton, Linda Leighton, Sam Edwards as Paul
Dangerous Gambit (02/26/76) - While Frank Dunlap distracts the bank manager, clerk Joyce Elkins hides $250 000 in a false ledger and her colleague Angie locks it in a safe deposit box. Double crossed Jerry Kennedy pursues Joyce, who runs into a car. The driver asks Barnaby to find the witness. Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriwether, Gerald McRaney, Linad Henning, Gary Lockwood, Jon Sypher, Lynne Marta, Ward Costello, Deborah White, Jill Jaress, Terry Lumley, J.R. Clark, Drew Denbaum, Sam Edwards as Smiley
Sins of Thy Father (10/21/76) - In order to get the same recognition as his older brother, Danny Reeves robs laundered gambling money from his father, a syndicate man, and is responsible for the death of a pilot. Barnaby and J.R. investigate for the pilot's wife to find out what really happened to her husband since she does not believe it was an accident. Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriwether, James Woods, Patrick O'Neal, Daniel J. Travanti, Mark Goddard, Gerald McRaney, Loni Anderson, Robert Doyle, Laura Wallace, Tony Cristion, Janus Blyth, Don Carrara, Peter Ford, Sam Edwards as Jules
Shadow of Fear (11/24/77) - While repairing the small cottage inherited from her aunt, Betty is injured. She is treated by sympathetic doctor Paul Tierney. Paul is pursued by three men who seek revenge because he abandoned them in Vietnam. Betty becomes fond of him and tries to repay the help. Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriwether, Edward Winter, Lou Frizzell, David Gruner, Buck Taylor, Chip Lucia, Guy Boyd, Dennis Erdman, John Dullaghan, Billy McLean, Sam Edwards as Harry Spence
S.W.A.T. (ABC)
The Bravo Enigma (04/28/75) - The team must find an elusive assassin who is unaware that he is spreading a deadly disease. Robert Urich, James Coleman, Steve Forrest, Mark Shera, Rod Perry, Christopher George, John Lupton, Murray Matheson, Leslie Dalton, Rose Marie, Robert Ellenstein, Austin Stoker, Lou Krugman, Frank Arno, Christian Juttner, Sam Edwards as Morgan
The Blue Knight (CBS)
The Cop Killer (01/14/76) - A short lived series about the exploits of Los Angeles beat cop Bumper Morgan played by George Kennedy. Don Barry, Anna Berger, Ed Call, Cahrles Cooper, Katherine Helmond, Kaghleen Hughes, Sam Edwards as Hotel Clerk
Most Wanted (ABC)
Ms. Murder (01/08/77) - The series focused on an elite task force of the LAPD named Most Wanted. The Mayor of Los Angeles created the force to concentrate exclusively on criminals on the mayor's most-wanted list. Captain Linc Evers headed the force accompanied by his two assistants who used undercover tactics to bring down the city's most wanted and dangerous criminals. A fine show sadly cancelled after one season. The script for this episode is dated a full year before it was broadcast. Robert Stack, Shelly Novack, Jo Ann Harris, Hari Rhodes, Gary Collins, Murray Hamilton, Susan Howard, Jim McMullan, Sam Edwards
Viva Allegra (PBS - Produced in Los Angeles)
(c. 1977-1979) - A bi-lingual public television series with live actors and fantasy puppet characters. Very little information survives concerning this show. Sam Edwards as voice of Scarecrow and others
All That Glitters (Syndicated)
(1977) - A short-lived series created by Norman Lear. It ran from April to July 1977. The main crux of the show was the role reversal between men and women, focusing on the Globatron Corporation where demure men worked for women bosses. Very little information survives concerning this late night soap opera-like show, including any specific episode(s) in which Sam appeared. Barbara Baxley, Eileen Brennan, Vanessa Brown, Anita Gillette, Linda Gray, Jim Greenleaf, David Haskell, Lois Nettleton, Wes Parker, Gary Shandy, Louise Shaffer, Marte Boyle Stout, Tim Thomerson, Jessica Walter, Sam Edwards
The Cliffwood Avenue Kids (Syndicated)
One of Our Balloons is Missing (11/77) - A short-lived series from Premore Productions. It ran in late 1977 and has not surfaced since. A group of tweens and teens become amateur sleuths and solve crimes. Sam Edwards as Charlie the hot air balloon operator.
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (CBS)
The Man Who Wouldn't Tell (03/31/78) - When a janitor discovers the key ingredient for an experimental explosives formula he is pursued by those who would use it for evil. Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, Norman Burton, Jane Actman, Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Cole, Millie Slavin, Gary Burghoff, Saundra Sharp, Tony Brubacker, Sam Edwards
The Murderous Missle (04/21/78) - Wonder Woman must stop the hi-jacking of an experimental thought-controlled missile, but she is continuously delayed by a small-town sheriff. James Luisis, Mark Withers, Warren Stevens, Steve Inwood, Lucille Benson, Hal England, Alan McRae, Maurice Sneed, Neil Elliot, Sam Edwards as Ernie
Project UFO (NBC)
Sighting 4007: The Forest City Incident (04/09/78) - A duck hunter claims to have photographed a UFO and high school kids parked in the woods claimed to have seen a UFO. William Jordan, Caskey Swaim, Edward Winter, Stephen Hudis, Michael F. Blake, Tim Donnelly, Stacy Keach Sr., Skip Homeier, Cynthia Eilbacher, Deborah Donnelly, Christopher Woods, Don Dubbins, Vic Perrin, Radames, Pera, Sam Edwards as Herb
Sighting 4025: The Whitman Tower Incident (07/12/79) - An L.A. Airport traffic controller spots a UFO on his scanner. Later, residents of an apartment are startled by the appearance of a UFO outside their window. Sam had to shoot this in the middle of the night wearing bottle-bottom glasses, and could hardly see well enough to play the role without moving. William Jordan, Caskey Swaim, Edward Winter, Fred Holliday, Linda Foster, Robert Patten, Olan Soule, Christopher Woods, Vic Perrin, Sam Edwards as Airport Manager
Days of Our Lives
(05/04/78) - Specific subplot is hard to locate. Sam Edwards as Mr. O'Keefe
Freestyle (KCET Los Angeles)
All the News That Fits (5/77) - Six junior high school students chase down stories for 'Scoop I', school newspaper. Sam Edwards as the Red Faced Man
Little House on the Prairie (NBC)
The Man Inside (10/02/78) - Amelia, a new girl that Laura meets in school, is ashamed of her very overweight father. Her father works at the blind school where Mary works. All the blind students like him a lot. They claim that they can see his love. One day, Laura and some other students from school, start making fun of the overweight person, not knowing that they were making fun of Amelia's father. Amelia's father pretends to leave town since his girl is so ashamed of him. He hides out at the blind school. When he is involved in an accident, Amelia reveals to her dad how much she loves him. Michael Landon, Hersha Parady, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Cliff Emmich, Katherine Woodville, Sam Edwards as Postmaster
Crossed Connections (12/10/79) - Harriet Oleson causes trouble between Alice and Jonathan Garvey when the telephone is first introduced in Walnut Grove. Mrs. Oleson listened to a conversation between Alice Garvey and her mother. They were discussing Alice's first husband. Mrs. Oleson tells Jonathan that his wife had been married before. Jonathan decides to leave for a while to cool off. While on a delivery with Charles, Jonathan meets Alice's ex-husband and finds out why Alice didn't talk about him. Michael Landon, Hersha Parady, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Katherin MacGregor, Royal Dano, Marie Denn, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
The Legend of Black Jake (11/16/81) - Nels is kidnapped by two crooks. The crooks try to get Mrs. Oleson to pay ransom for her husband, but she refuses to. This makes Mr. Oleson upset and causes him to help the crooks. The kidnappers aren't very lucky. After kidnapping several different people, the crooks decide that they need to try another line of work. Todd Susman, Royce D. Applegate, Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part One) (02/15/82) - Almanzo suffers a stroke when he goes out to work soon after he was very sick. He ends up being partially paralyzed. When Laura has her child, Almanzo's sour outlook on life doesn't change. Eliza Jane decides it would be better if Almanzo and Laura came with her. Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Dean Butler, Lucy Lee Flippin, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
Welcome To Olesonville (10/11/82) - Harriet finds a bearer bond from Walnut Grove so that she can try to get people to follow her suggestions. She tells the town council that if she doesn't get her way, she will cash in the bond which would force the town to pay Mrs. Oleson over $10,000. First she decides to change the name of the town to Olesonville. Then she believes the city should have a mayor, namely, Nels. Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Katherin MacGregor, Lew Ayres, Charles Lane, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
Little Lou (10/25/82) - A tiny circus performer, Lou, decides to look for work in Walnut Grove after his wife dies while giving birth to his baby girl. A prejudiced Mrs. Oleson tries to prevent his employment, threatening Mr. Anderson with closing her account at the bank if he hired Lou. To keep the infant alive, the dwarf must steal food, causing Mrs. Oleson to press charges. When Nancy falls in a well, Lou risks his life to save the girl. Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Billy Barty, Susan French, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
The Older Brothers (01/17/83) - The Older Brothers are a gang that used to have a notorious reputation, but are now just bumblers. First they hold up Mr. Edwards but end up losing the money. Then they try to get ransom money for Mr. Edwards but that doesn't go very well. When they realize that their is a reward out for their capture, they turn themselves in for the money. Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Merlin Olson, Richard Bull, Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott, Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson
Who's Watching the Kids (NBC)
Melissa Runs Away (10/06/78) - Angie and Stacy are two showgirls in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their two younger siblings, Frankie and Melissa, live with them and the two youngsters are frequently watched by Larry, a neighbor. No synopsis for this particular episode. Scott Baio, Jim Belushi, Larry Breeding, Lynda Goodfriend, Caren Kaye, Tammy Lauren, Marcia Lewis, Lorrie Mahaffey, Sam Edwards
How the West Was Won (ABC)
Luke (04/02/79) - Luke is offered the chance to go undercover as an informant in exchange for clearing his name. James Arness, Bruce Boxleitner, William Kirby Cullen, Fionnula Flanagan, Kathryn Holcomb, Vicki Schreck, William Conrad as Narrator, James B est, John Crawford, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., L.Q. Jones, Harry Lauter, Gerald McRaney, Victor Millan, Belinda Montgomery, Ruben Moreno, Sam Edwards as Station Attendent
The Dukes of Hazzard (CBS)
The Rustlers (10/05/79) - Bo and Luke visit the Tolliver farm and discover that their horse can run very fast. Rosco also sees it too and notifies Boss Hogg. Hogg schemes to steal the horse to race in Mrs. J.D. Hogg's stake race, then pin it on the Dukes. But a group of crooked horse ranchers have their own plans to steal the horse from Boss Hogg. John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, Sorrell Booke, Rick Hurst, Peggy Rea, Nedra Volz, Ben Jones, Mel Tillis, Dorothy Collier, Brett Halsey, Michael MacRae, Sam Edwards as Track Steward
The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show (Animated Cartoons) (ABC)
(1979-1980) - Sometimes called Plasticman. An Animated series starring Plastic Man, who has elasticity that allows him to stretch like a rubber-band and twist into different shapes. Aided by his friends Penny and Hula-Hula, Plastic Man comes to the rescue wherever evil lurks. Produced by Ruby-Spears. - Michael Bell, John Baker, Melendy Britt, Johnny Brown, Peter Cullen, Bobby F. Ellerbee, Al Fann, John Stephenson, Dee Timberlake, Frank Welker, Sam Edwards as various voices
Rickety Rocket (Animated Cartoons) (ABC)
Various Episodes (1979-1980) - Part of the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show, but often shown separately now. Similar cast to Plastic Man, including Sam Edwards as Assorted voices
Lou Grant (CBS)
Dogs (03/03/1980) - The disappearance of Mrs. Pynchon's dog leads Rossi to the discovery of an underground dog-fighting ring. Edward Asner, Nancy Marchand, Robert Walden, Linda Kelsey, Mason Adams, Daryl Anderson, Jack Bannon, Michael Jeter, Sam Edwards as John Gill.
Happy Days (ABC)
Fonzie Gets Shot (03/03/81) - Fonzie goes hunting with Coach, Potsie and Chachi, and gets shot. Each has their own version of the story - which one is the truth? Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Scott Baio, Erin Moran, Ted McGinley, Michele Tobin, Michael McManus as Sheriff, Sam Edwards as Dr. Abner
The Young and the Restless
(06/27/83) - Specific subplot is hard to locate. Sam Edwards as Inebriated Judge performing a wedding. This was his last official Hollywood acting job on June 27, 1983, for which he received a great deal of applause from the cast and crew for his comic performance.

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The Hoodlum Priest The Absent-Minded Professor (Disney)
The Prize Hello Dolly
Suppose They Gave A War and Nobody Came Cheyenne Social Club
Scandalous John (Disney) The Biscuit Eater (Disney)
Cold Turkey Hit Lady
Hurricane (TV Movie) Escape to Witch Mountain (Disney)
Flight of the Grey Wolf (Disney) The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe
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Andy Griffith Show (Season 1) Green Acres (Season 1)
S.W.A.T. (Season 1) Streets of San Francisco (Episode)
Dragnet (1950s Episodes) Dragnet on the Radio
Little House on the Prairie (Season 5) Little House on the Prairie (Season 6)
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Kolchak: Night Stalker (Devil's Platform) Gunsmoke: A Complete History (Book)

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